Update on the Roanoke Trial

Updated: It seems Bill’s optimism was extremely unfounded and that things were definitely not going as well as he initially suspected, very much the opposite in fact.

The final result is guilty on three accounts it seems and one lesser (I suppose partially-guilty) charge. Hopefully those emails don’t get five years sentence each.

And on that note, I’m going on holiday from this blog for a while.


No major news to report as yet but there are a few updates:

  • Faux (pun intended) News has decided that not much is apparently happening in the news at the moment, and thus Bill White’s domestic issues have become a matter of national concern.  Faux/Fox however has less credibility as a news source than the Onion outside of the USA. In fact the whole incident almost reads like it could be an Onion article.
  • According to Bill everything is going well so far, his ex-wife has apparently admitted it wasn’t extortion and the witnesses are apparently falling apart on the stand.
  • Evidence so far exonerates Bill from sending some of these emails, and someone else had access to the account(s) in question.
  • The trial appears to be set to continue for at least two more days.
  • People are arriving at this blog with all sorts of bizarre search terms! I cannot believe how inane some people actually are.
  • Finally, the FBI have not contacted me about this case to crush any rumours in that direction.

The Roanoke Trial – Bill Whites Affidavit

Bill’s trial commenced yesterday and is set to continue into 31st October. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be a real Halloween Horror.

In a few hours, I should have some more information – but in the meantime here is a prime piece of evidence – something which the mainstream media will not be reporting or mentioning.

For Bill’s perspective on events, read the PDF below.

Bill Whites Affidavit

Roanoke Times Trolled by Death Metal Fans?

Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times seems to be revitalizing his blog by claiming to have been trolled by messages from Bill White. The strange thing is that he seems unaware of the fact that these are song lyrics from a Cannibal Corpse album – which makes it look more as if he was trolled by a death metal fan! As far as I know Bill isn’t a fan of Death Metal so it doesn’t seem like the shoe fits the proverbial foot there.

Death Metallers are notorious for trolling blogs and it looks more like a very poor taste joke at Dan Casey’s expense rather than anything serious.



I have some interesting pieces of information from Bill (plus a much larger and more exciting post which I am saving until tomorrow).

Firstly: There is an indiscrepancy with the ‘evidence’ (scant and ridiculous as it is!) which means that some the alleged internet access (internet access…I am not joking that this case revolves completely around the internet of all irrelevant things) was made whilst Bill was already under arrest in Mexico.

This is made all the more futile as far as the ‘evidence’ goes because the logic is recursive; if Bill did not send the email or use the account anyway (which cannot be proven as I understand) then the wrong time zone may be being used anyway and the whole a priori then becomes redundant. i.e. if ‘x’ cannot be proven to be ‘x’ then ‘x’ + ‘y’ = cannot equate to ‘z’ because ‘x’ is non-quantifiable.

Not that I expect  people to realise their logic is severely flawed of course….

And secondly, in a bizarre twist which I will not even speculate upon, apparently an email from Craig Cobb has somehow turned up in the account of the person who is thought to have been impersonating Bill online. Even more bizarre, Craig Cobb apparently says he is leaving the US and trying to get asylum in Iran. Since he is still in the US one can assume that Craig Cobb never made to Iran.

Further Rebuttal: Today’s Roanoke Times Article

Bill White Trial Roanoke

“Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust.” – Charles Baudelaire

Following swiftly on the heels of the last news item, the Roanoke Times has decided that the unpleasant issues surrounding Bill White’s messy divorce proceedings remain news-worthy.

Unfortunately the request for an anonymous jury has been granted, despite this being a massive waste of time, an unnecessary drain of tax payers resources, and designed to intimidate the jurors so that they are predisposed to find Bill White guilty of sending these alleged emails (which he denies any knowledge of).

Personally, I fail to understand what precisely the jury needs protection from. As mentioned earlier, there has been no violence anywhere in this case nor in any past case, and the majority of this incident revolves around the implication that emails may have been sent – which is even at its worst is an extremely trivial matter.

As Bill White is already in prison and hence not able to communicate via the internet, he is not currently in a position to have any access to such things.

Furthermore, no private information on civilians would be posted here, nor I am aware of any correspondents of Bill’s who would do such a terrible thing. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that the precaution is ultimately unnecessary. I do not believe jurors are at any risk of receiving emails or require protection from the internet.

I maintain that Bill White is perfectly harmless and though some people may be offended by his ideas, the concept of ‘thought crime’ (as in the 1984 sense) should not be legally condoned nor used any further to vilify Bill White.

I’d also like to take this moment to say: It’s just a god damned email and I would urge anyone with a degree of sanity and whom is not completely morally bankrupt to get the correct perspective on this matter, as it sets a precedent for miscarriage of justice in all divorce proceedings, which can affect everyone – not just past political activists.