Further Trials & Tribulations

This is my first letter from Bill since assuming the role of blog author here. You’ll notice my style is a little different – rather than type the content out I’m just going to compress noteworthy aspects into a neat little synopsis.

Firstly, from what I gather (and this is all just my personal opinion) the evidence supplied by the government is completely insubstantial. Other factors also render the evidence supplied by the witness highly dubious. Much of the circumstances surrounding the whole event are in fact suspicious.

Firstly there is a glaringly obvious lack of actual evidence and what has been presented seems to have critical portions of it edited out. It is also structured in such way to be deliberately misleading. So in other words, the evidence is dodgy. Secondly the opposition is attempting to coerce Bill towards a guilty plea and insisting that his refusal to do this will lead to a twenty year conviction. Obviously this is not a favourable outcome for Bill, so he won’t be doing it and has opted for a ‘Not Guilty’ plea.

Despite the unfavourable opposition and adverse circumstances Bill valiantly struggles on but remains optimistic about the outcome. The trial itself will be August 28-30th.

In other news – there wasn’t any. Instead of the usual bilious regurgitation from the media, there was just an empty silence.

Apparently the Roanoke Times was sold, and it has been speculated that Lawrence Hammack may have been fired. Perhaps they got bored with him writing articles about Bill White continuously for the last five or so years. Or maybe he’s actually had an idea and come up with something new to write about. Anyway, for whatever reason it wasn’t deemed newsworthy – not that some of the earlier material was either in my opinion.

How to Send Donations to Bill White

The instructions for sending items to Bill at the Roanoke City Jail are as follows:

Cash, certified checks or money orders may be mailed to the Roanoke City Jail;
Also, secure drop boxes are located in the visitation lobby at 324 Campbell Avenue and also in the Roanoke City Jail Administrative Office lobby at 317 Church Avenue.

If you send a money order include this info above the address of the Jail –

Roanoke City Jail
Inmate Trust Fund
William A. White

Also there is a odd restriction on books in this place so do not send books to Bill as they will not be accepted. But, if I recall correctly you can send loose leaf printed material.

The mailing address is (no inmate number required):

William Alexander White
c/o Roanoke City Jail
324 Campbell Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24016