Bill White – Human Rights Violations in Seminole County Jail

Bill White stages hunger strike against human rights violations in the Seminole County Jail/John Polk Correctional Centre.

Claims no natural light, 24 hour video surveillance, 24 artificial lighting, sewerage in cells, no hot water, no hygiene.

No contact allowed with anyone, all correspondence and communication lost. No one is allowed to communicate with Bill White. Even mail is not permitted by the jail he is housed in.

Last known communication with Bill White is correspondence over Human Rights issues, and then he just disappeared…

Download Original: Bill White – Human Rights Violation

How to lodge a request for an official inquiry via United Nations:

Bill White - Human Rights Violation

AmericaFarm Blog Officially Discredited

Bill White officially disowned AmericaFarm’s blog about him last night for creating months of annoyance with weird activities that quite frankly, no one can understand or explain. As I mentioned yesterday this person put a whole pile of erroneous content online which caused others to believe in events which never transpired. There are lot more annoying things that AmericaFarm has done, but it’s waste of time explaining them.

All you need to know is that Bill says don’t use or visit her blog because she’s no longer on friendly terms with him and is writing weird things deliberately to be spiteful.

On a related note, someone appears to have hacked my site – a button to the left appears to have moved 5mm. Sometimes my avatar get’s changed too. Must be some person who apparently likes to target wordpress blogs to make minor cosmetic alterations. What a cad. I won’t be able to use my dashboard properly with the button 5mm to the left.

The story on overthrow (if I can post the link, it’s so damn hard to use the dashboard with that button over there) is at:

Evidentiary Challenges to Social Media Evidence Now Routine When Best Practices Not Utilized

There has been no user authentication in Bill’s case either, meaning that none of the social media evidence is technically admissible and is therefore heresay. But, because it’s Bill White, the government thinks it can bend rules around like a discarded pretzel. The grounds on which these cases were attested apply to both legal farces in Roanoke and the one impending Florida.

Next Gen eDiscovery Law & Tech Blog

by John Patzakis

This past month of April saw a surge in case law involving social media cases with 112 cases published on Westlaw, representing a substantial increase from January of this year. There is no question that the volume of social media cases continues to rapidly increase each month. Note that this survey group only involves published cases on Westlaw. With less than one percent of total cases resulting in published opinions, and considering this data set does not take into account internal or compliance investigations or non-filed criminal cases, we can safely assume that there were tens of thousands more legal matters involving social media evidence that were adjudicated, or otherwise resolved last month alone.

What I found particularly compelling about these 112 April cases, is that six of those cases involved evidentiary challenges to social media based upon improper foundation and authentication grounds. Specifically, those cases are:

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Important: Address Update

Bill White - Donations for Roanoke TrialBill has been moved from Roanoke and has a new postal address. I don’t know how long he will be here yet, but for the interim you can reach him at:

William A. White 00-13382
Western Virginia Regional Jail
5885 West River Road
Salem, VA, 24153.


Donations Info

The new web site for making on-line deposits to inmate accounts is:

Cash, money orders, cashier’s checks or checks from other correctional facilities will be accepted through
the postal system or in person.
If money is delivered in person to the WVRJ, a secure money lockbox and envelopes are available in the lobby.
Please ensure that all information requested on the envelope is completed. Money can also be placed onto an inmate’s account through the ATM located in the lobby. Funds deposited through the ATM are credited to the inmate account immediately. ****There is a fee for cash deposits ($2.00) and credit card deposits (10% of amount deposited or $2.50 – whichever amount is greater)
Any currency an inmate brings into the jail will be credited to his/her inmate account to pay debts and purchase commissary items.

Certified checks and money orders must be made payable to the Western Virginia Regional Jail Inmate Account.

Personal checks will not be accepted by the jail.

Money received will be placed on the inmate’s account and a receipt will be issued.

The following is an example of how mail with money should be addressed:

Sender’s Name
Sender’s Full Address

Inmate’s Name
c/o Western Virginia Regional Jail
5885 West River Road
Salem, Virginia 24153

Other info:


Finally: The Roanoke Verdict

I have yet to hear from Bill – so for now this is just ‘hearsay’, but things turned out pretty much as I expected – 92 months consecutive followed by three years probation.

From the Roanoke Times:

“Then, Turk expressed what he described as a significant concern with the prosecution.
“I think the government is trying to prosecute you for your beliefs, largely for your beliefs,” Turk told White. “If you hadn’t been Bill White, prosecution would have been in state court.”

Turk said authorities probably would have processed in juvenile and domestic relations court a matter like White’s involving somebody else. But, continuing the point, Turk told White he’s virtually a public figure and the general public disagrees with his views.”

My point is proven – that it’s a ) A matter of politics and b) Is really just an over-inflated domestic incident. Fortunately Judge Turk still has common sense and ethics.

And once again the media has trotted out their favourite picture of Bill…which Bill says is not actually his picture.

Now we can move on to the Florida trial, which, as far as I can tell, seems to be just a bunch of statements revolving around silly comments on the internet, a lot of which appears to be random blog trolling by anonymous people. The fact that stupid emails is all they can attempt pin on Bill after years of desperate searching just goes to show how utterly and completely harmless he actually is.