G. d'Annunzio

Jonathan – Bill White Trial Blog

A little about this blog. This blog is currently maintained by G. d’ Annunzio. Obviously, I am not the real Gabriele d’Annunzio – for  example, I live in the United Kingdom and not in Italy. My real name, is in fact “Jonathan”. I do however, share many of the ideas and thoughts of the real d’Annunzio which is why I have selected this name.

I have no personal interest in American politics, and do not live in America. I am not connected to nor supportive of any political party, group or platform in  America.

I explicitly denounce any and all illegal activities, criminal/gang connections and am militantly opposed to political violence and terrorism. No one involved in the operation of this blog has a criminal record nor any involvement in any activities Bill White is falsely accused of. I am also not involved with any racist/racial groups nor a National Socialist and do not share the same political beliefs as Bill White.

Please also note that I am not a ‘White Nationalist’ and hold contradictory opinions to Bill White on this topic – which he is aware of. I merely update this blog for Bill as a charitable act.

Disclaimer:  We have no association with, or knowledge, of any content written prior to August 2013 nor any association with the previous blogger  ‘AmericaFarm’ nor endorse any material found on her site as accurate.

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