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Bill has couple of items he’d like to mention.

Firstly, Bill wants a research assistant. This just means looking up stuff on the internet, in books and forwarding it on to Bill. If interested let me know and I’ll pass a message on.

Secondly, a Romanian edition of Centuries of Revolution is forthcoming, so this book will soon be available there. Bill is also interested in further translations if anyone is interested.

What Happened to Alt-Right?

The covet Eurasian war against ‘Blood and Soil’ American Nationalists continues…


Eurasia and the Ring of PowerDuring the dead of night, the popular Alt-Right website fell prey to a bitter Eurasian coup against ‘blood and soil’ nationalism. Alt-Right fell prey to American wannabbe Soviets in the Eurasian ‘Night of the Small Pocket Knives.’

Unannounced to the people who actually did any work, the website was taken down and replaced with an agenda in favour of Russian Nationalist propaganda – the platform of Eurasia.

But wait – the new website for the ‘National Policy Institute’ is supposed to be American Nationalism right? Apparently not – in typical defeatist USA style, Richard Spencer exposes himself as the stereotypical gutless and wimpy American who failing to come up with any new ideas on his own, decides it is better that America is governed by Russians.

I have said this a thousand times: there is nothing as stupid as a ‘Nationalist’ organisation that won’t support it’s own people or identity…

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America’s Incarceration Nation

(Reposted from the Charlotte Observer)

Bill White Trial Blog

Bill White Trial Blog

WASHINGTON You already know that the United States locks up a higher percentage of its population than any other country in the world. If you look at local, state and federal prison and jail populations, the United States currently incarcerates more than 2.4 million people, a figure that constitutes roughly 25 percent of the total incarcerated population of the entire world.

A population of 2.4 million is a lot – enough, in fact, to fill up a good-sized country. If the incarcerated population of the United States constituted a nation-state, what kind of country would it be?

Here’s a profile of Incarceration Nation:

Population size: As a country – as opposed to a prison system – Incarceration Nation is on the small side. Nonetheless, a population of 2.4 million is perfectly respectable: Incarceration Nation has a larger population than about 50 other countries, including Namibia, Qatar, Gambia, Bahrain and Iceland.

Geographic area: There are more than 4,500 prisons in the United States. Let’s assume that each of those prisons takes up about half a square mile of land – a reasonable (and probably quite low) estimate given that most prisons are, for security reasons, surrounded by some empty space. That gives Incarceration Nation an estimated land area of about 2,250 square miles: small, but still larger than Brunei, Bahrain and Singapore.

Labor Standards: If you think low labor costs in countries such as China and Bangladesh are a threat to U.S. workers and businesses, labor conditions in Incarceration Nation will dangerously raise your blood pressure. UNICOR, a.k.a. Federal Prison Industries, employs 8 percent of “work eligible” federal prisoners. Hourly wages range from 23 cents an hour – about on a par with garment workers in Bangladesh – to a princely $1.35 for “premium” prisoners, comparable to the hourly wage of Chinese garment workers.

Who benefits from these low wages? The U.S. Department of Defense, for one. The DOD is UNICOR’s largest customer; in fiscal year 2011 it accounted for $357 million of UNICOR’s annual sales. UNICOR makes everything from Patriot missile components to body armor for the DOD.

No one likes to talk about this, of course: “We sell products made by prison labor” isn’t the kind of slogan likely to generate consumer enthusiasm. But to those in the know – as an online video promoting UNICOR’s call-center services boasts – prison labor is “the best-kept secret in outsourcing.”

[GD: The reason the USA incarcerates so many people is because the prison system is corporatised, and thus it is part of the wildly unstable American economy. Once again the biggest criminals are all in the finance industry. What is happening to Bill is just a small part of a much larger problem – people are thrown in prison not for legal but for economic reasons!]


Letter From Bill White

Original kindly supplied by:

December 12th, 2013

Hello, Harold:

I heard on the radio this morning that I was indicted in Orlando, Florida for the eighth time. According to the radio, the charges involve “aiding and abetting the extortion of a judge, a prosecutor, and an FBI agent” as well as something called “illegal use of identification.” The charges, from what I can tell, are total nonsense, and since I can’t tell you who these people are, or when all this extortion supposedly took place, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. I’m not even sure what “illegal use of identification” means. My only guess, from something the U.S. Attorney let slip some months ago, would be that it’s something to do with the American Front case in Florida. They were going to use the Trayvon Martin case but perhaps that was a bit too high profile.

If so, I wish they’d do better research. American Front is not a “White supremacist” group, it’s an anti-racist Skinhead group associated with [redacted] [GD Added:  Pro-Militant Islam Anti-American Eurasians.]

You know, I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m wondering if this “illegal use of identification”, a charge I never heard of, doesn’t mean that they haven’t caught who did whatever the hell it is that was done, if anything, and now they’re somehow claiming it was me. With this régime anything can happen.

All I know is this: when I was released from prison in 2011, I lived peacefully in the middle of nowhere, on a horse farm with no internet. This did me no good. The media, angry that I wasn’t doing anything and missing their favorite racist chew-toy, began publishing outright fabricated reports accusing me of doing everything from arguing at a parade to distributing Klan business cards, as if I have something to do with the Klan! LOL.

That didn’t work. When I realized that the dictatorship still meant to get me no matter how quietly I lived, I fled the country so they couldn’t frame me, as they are doing now. They had already planned to arrest me on May 11 [2012] for crimes which they were well aware I did not commit and for which I had already been exonerated by the federal court of appeals, and they were infuriated that I wasn’t there. I think a lot of this could be just hatred and resentment for my making them work for their bloated paychecks.

So they have taken the past year and a half to cook up this series of fabricated cases which are achieving their original goal of ensuring that I spend the rest of my life in prison for the crime of displeasing and offending them with my words and my thoughts.

They had one of their informants send e-mails to my wife, using my accounts, for which I was just convicted by a terrified “anonymized” jury who were convinced by the régime that I was a mad dog killer who would come after them in the night if they didn’t keep me in prison. They are now apparently trying to pin some random unsolved crime on me, if indeed the entire thing hasn’t been fabricated from the ground up like the Edgar Steele case was fabricated.

Your readers should take note. It used to be that speaking about a crime was the same as committing it. Now, if you won’t speak about it, the dictatorship simply sends an e-mail for you or posts a blog with your name on it, and you’re guilty. The régime plucks some harmless person out of obscurity, pretends that they are a “White supremacist leader” and crushes them, creating a spectacle for the people and distracting them from the increasing shortage of bread with their circuses. The question is, how much longer will Americans tolerate this?

I fled the United States because I understood that the United States government was planning to arrest and imprison me for crimes they knew I did not commit, because they themselves had done so. If someone like me, who is not even on the internet, can be destroyed like this, then anyone can.

Anyway, we’ll see how it all plays out. In my last case they at least had tapes of me cussing about my wife, although not threatening her. (The recordings had nothing at all to do with the actual charges against me, which of course did not matter a jot.) I have no idea on earth what this crap in Florida is. Presumably at some point in time, someone from down there will drop by my cell here in Roanoke or at least send me a letter explaining to me WTF it is I’m supposed to have done now. It’s sad that America has now fallen to the level of the old Soviet Union and present-day North Korea.

Hope you are well,

Bill White

100 Months Maximum for Florida Case, Not 100 Years!

I have found the actual sentencing  instructions and all we are looking at in Florida is Count: 1-5 Citation: 18:875B.F Offence Level: 4 and Count: 6 Citation: 18:1028A.F Offence Level: 4. After running these through the USA Sentencing Guidelines calculator, this definately does not add up to the ‘100 years’ the media is reporting it as!

I know that  in recent times there has been a crack-down on people telling porkers over the internet, but 100 years for talking crap on the interwebz is a bit harsh for anyone. Fortunately this seems to be very much incorrect and/or exaggerated.

The maximum is 100 months – big difference. I think the original reporter must have made a typo. The most likely outcome according to the calculator is 52-63 months.

No where near as bad as the media is reporting. Worst scenario (which it won’t be) is 8-9 years. The average person usually only gets a couple of years.

So – don’t write Bill off yet, because he won’t getting life imprisonment for alleged internet misdemeanours.