“Fascism Viewed from the Right” by Julius Evola

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Julius Evola Fascism Viewed from the Right

There is a commonly expressed sentiment that communism is a good idea in theory but has not worked in practice. Rarely does one hear a similar statement regarding fascism. However, Fascism Viewed from the Right by Julius Evola attempts to do just this by examining what was both positive and negative about Italian Fascism from the author’s traditionalist philosophical perspective, a perspective that he describes as the “True Right”. Evola was a notable figure during the 20 year reign of Italian Fascism and some of his writings had an impact on ultimate goals of Mussolini and his followers. As such he was in a unique position to criticize the regime, and he did so in publishing this book in 1964, which was reprinted in 1974 with additional notes. Last year, Arktos published an English translation. In the book, Evola examines the doctrine of fascism as compared with his own ideal…

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Supreme Court Places Bankers Over Sovereignty

Supreme Court Places Bankers Over Sovereignty
by Bill White
The United States Supreme Court has reached a new level of hubris, ordering the sovereign nation of Argentina to pay in full defaulted bonds bought by Jewish hedge funds, demonstrating  arrogance  as it attempts to govern the world through judicial legislation.
How the court intends to enforce the ruling against Argentina, which is an independent nation not subject to U. S. law, is unclear.
In 2001, Argentina was forced to default on its debt, after its government chose to continue to provide services for its people rather than continue to pay extortionate interest to international bankers. Argentina then restructured most of its $100 billion dollars in debt, paying out $9.3 billion in new debt in exchange for $93 billion of the old.
Two Jewish-owned hedge funds, Aurelius Capital Management and Elliott Management Corporation, then bought the remaining $7 billion in debt for a few hundred million, and went to court demanding that Argentina pay the debts in full.
The result has been a twelve year court battle in the District Court of New York, the U.S. Second Circuit, and now the U.S. Supreme Court, with a series of judges’ rulings that U.S. law governs Argentina’s debt and that Argentina must treat all creditors “equally.” Ironically, this means that Argentina could satisfy U.S. law by defaulting “equally” on both its restructured as well as its unrestructured debt.
The ruling shows that the power in the United States and the Bretton Woods system entities such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, exercise on behalf of private Jewish banking interests. Typically, when a nation like Argentina or Greece goes to deeply into debt the International Monetary fund or, in Europe, other international entities such as the European Union, step in and impose “austerity.” The goal of “austerity” is to make sure interest on the national debt is paid to international banks, while the nation’s people receive diminished services.
By pursuing Argentina in this manner, the international banking community is sending a message that they will always be paid, and that any nation which chooses to default and buck the banker’s power will be pursued by the banker’s attack dog, American “law.”
But despite these efforts, the Supreme Court ruling is likely unenforceable. An effort to seize an unnamed Argentinian Navy training vessel in Ghana last year to pay the bonds ended up in failure after a UN tribunal ordered the ship released.

Facebook Trouble Maker with Multiple Identities Connected to the ‘Fake Bill White’ Page.

Who or what maintained the the now infamous ‘Bill White’ (and I use this term loosely) profile on Facebook remains a mystery – but one interesting thing surfaces – I recall seeing this person on the page, who has been banned from just about everywhere for acting like a lunatic and seems to be being called both a hacker and an informant by a lot of people, ranging from these people to the head of the Asatru Folk Federation (who is a very respectable person).

No one really knows who this person is due to the multiple pseudonyms deployed, but ‘It’ is almost universally recognised as a ‘sinister online presence’ and I doubt his/her/it’s presence on the FB profile was coincidental.

Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg aka Amber Clausson

Chasing White Herrings – Distracting the Readers

The media and the informants have been generating the ‘red herring’ of White Supremacy around Bill’s case with the American Front – this includes not only the media, but also the informant who posts rubbish on VNN. Both of them have mentioned the document, deliberately out of context to obfuscate the entire legal issue with the issue of ‘racism’ – which  is not part of the case.

Discussion of the whole issue is irrelevant to the case at hand, and more importantly by people focusing on this comment, they are deliberately distracting readers from the rest of the letter – in which Bill says why he is not associated with anyone from the American Front. This applies not only to the media, but also the informant following Bill around online by postings items which are quite bluntly, obtrusive diversion tactics and deliberate insertions of misleading content.

  1. The American Front (in it’s current form) is an enemy of Bill’s, not an ally. They are not connected with National Socialism, but are White Supremacist Communists connected to Pol Pot, North Korea and are also strongly associated with the platform of Eurasia, led by the former KGB agent Alexander Dugin. They also support violent Islam against the government of the USA. The FBI also have files on the American Front which will verify this and more having previously arrested their current heads on a number of charges (including sending death threats online and use of internet pseudonyms). These people are not National Socialists, they are Communists. Bill had a major argument with the American Front in May 2012, precisely when these emails where alleged to be sent and the American Front attacked him using pseudonyms on at least two online forums. As Bill was attacked in public by these people (and he was aware of this) it doesn’t seem very likely he’d be trying to get their buddies out of prison. This is what the American Front wrote about Bill White in May 2012. American Front on Bill White
  2. What Bill means by ‘Traditionalist National Socialism’ is that is he is adhering to Julius Evola’s theory of ‘race’ not the ‘National Socialist’ one. This means ‘race’ is used in a cultural sense not a biological  sense or in sum – if you adopt the cultural/behavioural aspects of another group, you become one. Bill’s essay on ‘race’ in regards to this has been on this website for sometime so there is no point debating semantics and wasting everyones time on red (or should I say ‘white supremacist’ herrings). Bill White’s essay on ‘race’ showing he is not a ‘white supremacist’ here.

Document containing the ‘White Supremacist Herring’ below.

American Front Case File


The Facebook Comment That Ruined a Life

Another sad case of people being arrested purely for bad jokes/ranting on the internet.

“If they’re spending their time chasing around people like Justin Carter, I hope they’re not missing the real dangers to society, the real school shooters,” Flanary says. “There’s only a finite number of police, and if they’re chasing around guys who are being mean on Facebook, where are the ones fighting crime?” (Quoting article).

What I wish to draw attention to here is the fact that this problem is not limited to ‘political activists’ (though obviously because they are public figures, they become easier targets). The truth is that people are being arrested for victimless crimes – i.e. talking shit on the internet, which never amounts to anything further and obviously is never going to.

Concentrating on people talking shit on the internet draws attention away from the real problems and is a waste of legal resources. Like the man in this case above, it can happen to anyone.

The punishment outweighs the crime and is disproportional.

Talking shit on the internet is more dangerous than actually committing a crime because of the absurdity attributed to thought over deed – which of course was the premise behind Orwell’s 1984 and the concept of Big Brother/Thoughtcrime. Meanwhile, the real criminals who probably have the intelligence not to discuss such things over the internet reign free – legal resources are wasted elsewhere, such as on this Justin Carter person who was quite obviously just talking bullshit.

The key point here is this is now a problem for everyday citizens.

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