Bill White ‘Facebook Trial’ Secret Information Revealed

Dear Readers!

Now that I have lulled you all into a false sense of security with wit and satire, it is time to reveal a few shocking facts about Bill White’s trial in Florida (AKA The Great Facebook Trial) that will make you truly angry.

Why now? Because Bill’s trial is over and the media will now be whipped into a blood frenzy by the ‘Ministry of Histrionics’ – after all, how can they resist the chance to kick a ‘white supremacist’ while he’s down?

Playing the media works both ways – what goes on television creates web traffic  here too. And this why I have said nothing of the case earlier; it had to be left until the last possible moment to do the maximum amount of damage by posting it when web traffic is at its peak.

There are a number of facts which I have not mentioned because I didn’t want to present any of this information before the trial was over in case it gave the US Attorney any hints.

Here’s what really happened, and what the mainstream media is too scared to say. After all, it has no interest in truth, just whipping up hysteria in the plebs over mythical ‘white supremacists’, whatever these non-existent scapegoats maybe:

  • Bill’s Facebook account was undeniably hacked. I was friends with whoever ‘Bill White’ was on Facebook and I personally saw posts appear on that account after he was arrested. One post even appeared on it months after he was arrested in Mexico. Since he was in a prison there is no way he could have made these.
  • Another friend of Bills also witnessed the Facebook account being used when Bill was in prison.
  • I spied on the page for a while because I wanted to find out who was running it, and was curious why the account was left open. Most inactive accounts are closed quite quickly. I believe it was left open deliberately for a third party to access it and to monitor Bill White’s Facebook friends. After the second obviously hacked post on it was made circa October 2012, I decided to contact Facebook and asked them to remove the account because it was fake. Facebook accepted my claim and took the page offline in less than 24 hours.
  • Before Bill’s arrest he suggested I enter a business venture with him. I refused to do so because his other ‘business partner’ appeared to be severely intellectually handicapped. Moreover the individual was morbidly obese and had posted pictures of itself nude and masturbating on the internet, all of which are on publically searchable sites like myspace and flickr. They show up in a google search of the individuals name. I felt utterly repulsed by this creature and refused to do business with Bill due to the ‘questionable character’ of his associate. I was very glad I refused – this creature is Bill’s informant from both trials. Quite possibly one of the ugliest and stupidest people I have ever laid my eyes upon – and after what I saw I sincerely wish I hadn’t laid my eyes on it. The Bloated SheBeast has a beer can permanently glued to its mouth when not taking nude selfies with her hand down her pants and trying to date tattooed bondage masters.
  • I also paid Bill for some work he’d done from me – one day later he emailed me saying it had stolen from his account by this sad individual. This person stole it out of his account almost as soon as I’d given it to him. Since the informant stole money from Bill which had been mine the following day, it can be verified that this skulking wretch of an informant is not only treacherous, but a thief and a disgusting low-life in every way. Paypal records exist of the transaction. 
  • This site has been hacked multiple times, Bill is the target of the hackers which raises great doubts as to anyone making posts or sending emails from dodgy hotmail accounts. As you see from the picture below, the IP changes – the hacker is either using TOR or another IP anonymizer which makes them untraceable.The previous blogger who kept talking about hackers was probably hacked too – but completely wrong about who did it. These attempted hacks occurred as soon as contact was lost with Bill in the John Polk Correctional Centre, on the exact same day he started making allegations of torture and abuse. 

bill white trial, floridaThree nearly simultaneous attempts to hack the account which is used for nothing but Bill’s stuff. This email address is only used for Overthrow and is therefore a recorded attempt by someone using TOR or similar IP anonymising software to hack Bill White.

The fact that is recorded by google as three suspicious intrusions should have prevented this whole silly email hoax legal-farce from ever eventuating.

Note the date too – right when Bill disappeared from all contact in Florida and claims to be tortured by the jail. One hell of a ‘coincidence’ eh? 

Hacking, with evidence I believe, is a greater crime than that of juvenile hoax emails, yet it doesn’t seem to be being investigated by anyone at all, and the US government has no interest in this, despite the fact that its a real crime with evidence unlike the stupid 100 years for blog posts case.

  • There are also multiple accounts associated with a visitor to this site who posts abusive comments regularly on this website. These accounts have a single user name but different IPs which resolve to different places in California. Therefore, he is using TOR or similar software to harass Bill on this site at least, if not others. For reasons unknown to me,  there has never been any interest in examining the content of this blog at the backend. Why has no US Attorney ever subpoenaed it? Indeed it’s very suspicious that it has never been subpoenaed. My guess is the reason why it never was is because they know it contains the IP addresses of the hackers and they elected not to reveal the evidence. I know the name of this user but will not post it openly. He knows who is. I have this all tracked and recorded too.
  • Contrary to defending the American Front in June 2012, Bill was actually attacked over the internet by the remaining proponents of the American Front, who wrote a series of inflammatory comments about him under a variety of pseudonyms, not only physically threatening him in a public forum, but also stalking people who were friends with him (including me) on Facebook using fake accounts. Bill knew these people were harassing him,and contrary to liking the American Front, they were on very hostile terms with him. So I very much doubt he’d be demanding some of his enemies get released from prison. The same people who attacked Bill White from the American Front have recently targeted the Traditionalist Youth Network too and doing the same to them as they did to Bill White. I wonder if they will be next to be arrested and tortured for Facebook comments?

So regardless of what the jury decides, I’m dismissing this entire case as a massive load of codswallop.Considering I witnessed most of these events unfold firsthand on Facebook, there is nothing any court can do to change up mind. Every particle of this case is utter codswallop to its rotten stinking core.

Bill White was hacked and set up by someone, most likely one of the people with the IPs above who tried to hack me as soon as the Florida case commenced and Bill was ‘removed’ by the jail for what is called ‘soft torture’.

Hopefully the jury has some shred of common sense and is not depraved enough to convict someone for 100 years over emails containing death metal lyrics and sent by hackers. The whole Florida incident looks insanely ridiculous, like a trip through Alice in Wonderland. It’s the stupidest court case I’ve ever seen and much of the documentation reads like a sick version of a Monty Python skit. The fact the someone was actually tortured for blog posts and emails is quite frankly more repulsive than any written correspondence ever could be.

I’m not in America and if you do indeed have laws that permit people to prison sentences of 100 years over emails and anonymous blog posts, it’s time you had a god damn good look at the legal system, because it looks from here to be nothing more than a piteous abuse of legal power and not ‘justice’. Add in the torture, and it makes your fetid hole of a country look really rancid and corrupt.

Why should people receive longer prison sentences for emails than people do murder? It’s utterly stupid and disproportionate. No wonder America is slowly turning into a third world country if it  has no common sense and no real Justice.

If Bill White gets 100 years for blog posts, quite frankly your country is so utterly deranged you should relocate to a saner, less hysterical country.

Multiple people appear to have conspired in these cases to kick the living crap out of Bill, covered up the dirt they did and then tried to go on their merry way…except for one thing – someone got caught with their hands right in the proverbial cookie jar.

Bill remains optimistic despite attempts by the USA to bore the jurors to death with a whole week of narcolepsy inducing content from a hacked Facebook page. He should be back on Monday and I’ll resume posting his material then.

You can help him recover from being tortured in prison for making blog comments by buying some books and sending donations.

If I don’t here from Bill on Monday, I’ll assume the John Polk Correctional Centre has resumed its torture schedule. Please circulate this post as far and as wide as possible to expose the bilious nature of the constructed internet narrative revolving around the obviously hacked Facebook account which has been fabricated for reasons unknown by persons as yet unknown.

And the torture of course.We can’t ever let the USA forget that it had someone tortured for anonymous blog posts. 

Yours faithfully,

G. D’Annunzio II

Original Posts (from 2012) Relating to the Florida Charges on SPLC Site & Orlando Sentinel

Bill White Trial Florida

Trolling is Bad

I found the original post on the Southern Poverty Law Centre website where the page mentions  ‘the racist right’  (now believed to be solely the work of one individual it seems) trolling people. This relates back to ‘correspondence’ (if that is the appropriate term for it) sent around May 2012, and seems to have been under investigation by the FBI since June last year according to this.

From the looks of things the author (whomever it may be) is using the ‘royal we’ – and it is most likely just one person gone wild over the keyboard from the samples provided. No serious group or individual would ever act like that and it does have the look of  a ‘bad joke’ at first impression.

The problem here lies in the fact that the FBI took two things far too seriously: Firstly the American Front, who lacked the cranial capacity to be a danger to anyone except themselves, and secondly some weird person who then appeared from nowhere and sent ‘correspondence’ (and I use this term very loosely) to a whole pile of places and seems to have generated bizarre and random comments, which to be honest look more like trolling. Because they took the first batch of weird guys from the American Front seriously, they had to take the ‘correspondence’ from the second guy who appeared online seriously. So they FBI apparently thought it was a major incident of domestic terrorism caused by the American Front from the looks of things, before they decided it was only Bill White filling in holiday time from Mexico. Bad luck for Bill.

And there are more articles about this online in the media dating back to June 2012 – it seems there was quite a kerfuffle in the news, because this ‘correspondence’ (re:trolling) was believed to be connected to the terrorist activities of the American Front.

In other words: major bad luck for whoever did the trolling because it was taken far more seriously than it should have been due to the American Front connection, and also it appears to have been a massive waste of time for the FBI who thought it was a real incident/threat. Rather unfortunate on all fronts it appears. The moral of the story is: Trolling is bad.

Apparently the original ‘correspondence’ is  online at the Anti-Defamation League, Virtual Jerusalem: The Place Where Jews Click and a article, “American Front: Terrorism in the United States.” – as yet I haven’t discovered these yet.

The original article at the SPLC does not mention the ‘correspondence’ was sent by Bill nor that was suspected of being sent by him. In fact it looks as if they originally suspected someone connected to the American Front, not Bill White.

Here are the links to the original news articles in 2012 where Bill is not mentioned and this is thought to be the work of some group associated with the American Front:

Orlando Sentinel:



Bill White Trial Update

Bill White Trial Update

“Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice.”- Mahatma Gandhi

I am back – given all the media attention here I thought I should add a statement of some kind, which will no doubt be a drop in the bucket compared to the deluge flowing from the mainstream press.

As I have said previously, I am not in the United States; I am in a country where the laws covering this sort of case are very different. Under our laws, this incident would have at best barely scraped its way into the court-room as a ‘domestic dispute’ – any sentence would be minor and both parties would be sent to counselling to learn to communicate in favour of the child – not the parents. The law of our country places the rights of the child over both parents in domestic disputes.

Furthermore, it is well known that in all divorce cases, the male is doomed before he ever starts due to the fact that despite the equal status accorded by feminism, the female is always perceived as a victim and the male is always the perpetrator. Any man who has been divorced will verify this.  Sexual equality does not exist, and in situations such as this the male is perceived as guilty from the onset. Therefore I strongly believe this instance is not one isolated to Bill White and that it remains a “Mens Rights” issue for the ManoSphere.

Bill has said to me numerous times that he is strongly against any form of domestic violence, and that he cares very deeply for his daughter. I believe that this has not been accurately expressed at all in this case, and that any form of personal dispute between him and his ex-wife (if it transpired) is not because of money, but because she refused him access to his child, which he expressed to me on numerous occasions.

The impact of this on Bill’s daughter has not been gauged by anyone in the process, and ultimately she will be traumatised by all the media surrounding this case. No child ever wants to see such articles in print and the manner in which it has been presented has been profoundly loathsome in this aspect. I hope that when she is old enough to read and judge for herself, she finds this one page amongst them.

Had it not been for the fact that Bill White is a convenient scapegoat due to his political beliefs, this would never have warranted any attention at all – not a single person would have been interested.

And finally, you may be wondering why I care about this since I openly profess to not sharing Bill’s political beliefs. The answer is that I am devoutly religious and belief that this case, while it may be upheld by state law, it does not uphold the law of any God and stands in open violation of it by using what should be true justice as a façade for political persecution. While I may not share these political beliefs, I do not believe anyone should be persecuted in the name of politics regardless of what they endorse because it infringes on personal liberties and violates the freedom inherent in a true liberal democratic state.

Finally, I have no doubt in my mind that no one is in any physical danger from Bill White at all – an email is just an email – “sticks and stones may break my bones, but an email will never hurt me.”

~ J.

As  a side note to Bills alleged friends – please do not repost the mainstream media articles. It does not help him and merely perpetuates the situation because it looks like you are endorsing their statements.

The Roanoke Trial – Bill Whites Affidavit

Bill’s trial commenced yesterday and is set to continue into 31st October. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be a real Halloween Horror.

In a few hours, I should have some more information – but in the meantime here is a prime piece of evidence – something which the mainstream media will not be reporting or mentioning.

For Bill’s perspective on events, read the PDF below.

Bill Whites Affidavit


I have some interesting pieces of information from Bill (plus a much larger and more exciting post which I am saving until tomorrow).

Firstly: There is an indiscrepancy with the ‘evidence’ (scant and ridiculous as it is!) which means that some the alleged internet access (internet access…I am not joking that this case revolves completely around the internet of all irrelevant things) was made whilst Bill was already under arrest in Mexico.

This is made all the more futile as far as the ‘evidence’ goes because the logic is recursive; if Bill did not send the email or use the account anyway (which cannot be proven as I understand) then the wrong time zone may be being used anyway and the whole a priori then becomes redundant. i.e. if ‘x’ cannot be proven to be ‘x’ then ‘x’ + ‘y’ = cannot equate to ‘z’ because ‘x’ is non-quantifiable.

Not that I expect  people to realise their logic is severely flawed of course….

And secondly, in a bizarre twist which I will not even speculate upon, apparently an email from Craig Cobb has somehow turned up in the account of the person who is thought to have been impersonating Bill online. Even more bizarre, Craig Cobb apparently says he is leaving the US and trying to get asylum in Iran. Since he is still in the US one can assume that Craig Cobb never made to Iran.