Harold Covington on the Trial of Bill White

Harold Covington on the Trial of Bil White

Harold Covington on Bill White’s Trial in Roanoke

Harold Covington speculates on the latest twists and turns in Bill’s forthcoming trial – an extract is included below. Please follow the link to read the full story.

“I have heard from another source that the Bill White trial, which was scheduled to begin in Roanoke, Virginia on October 1st, has been postponed. No word yet on when it will happen.

This is an old prosecutor’s trick, using an, er, “amenable” judge (now, did I say “a judge who is in the tank?”) to postpone the trial at the last minute, preferably with as little information as possible, so that the defense will have all their ducks lined up in a row, be ready to go, and then have to send their witnesses home, stand down, so forth and so on.”

The Philosophy of Modern National Socialism

Bill Whites lengthy article ‘The Philosophy of National Socialism’ is featured in the October edition of the Northwest Observer. Bill also intends to publish this as a work in its own right at a later date.

To obtain a copy of this article please email the following address: nwnet@earthlink.net 

A couple of other details: Bill’s trial has been postponed and I will post the date as soon as he confirms it.

Secondly, there is a new letter on Thoughtcrime,

Serpents Blood? Pope Declares Judaism as the Holy Root of Christianity

This news article below casts an interesting slant on some of Bill’s research into a connection between the Popes and Judaism, which will be in his forthcoming book Serpents Blood (not sure of an estimated publication date for this yet).

Pope: Judaism Is the ‘Holy Root’ of Christianity

Pope Francis has praised Jews for keeping their faith despite the Holocaust and other “terrible trials” throughout history, and reaffirmed Judaism as the “holy root” of Christianity.
Francis made the statements in an unprecedented open letter to Eugenio Scalfari, a prominent Italian atheist and founding editor of the liberal newspaper La Repubblica.
The letter, published on the front page of La Repubblica on Wednesday, came in response to editorials written by Scalfari that had directly addressed the pontiff on issues of faith and religion, the Times of Israel reported.
Francis’ reply affirmed the necessity of an open dialogue with nonbelievers that he called “right and proper and precious.”
He also responded to Scalfari’s query about “what we should say to our Jewish brothers about the promise made to them by God: Has it all come to nothing?”
Francis called this “a question that challenges us radically as Christians,” adding that with the help of God, “we have rediscovered that the Jewish people are still for us the holy root from which Jesus germinated.”
The Pope said that, particularly through his close ties with Jews in his native Argentina, he had often, in prayer, “also questioned God, especially when my mind went to the memory of the terrible experience of the Shoah [Holocaust].”
He added that: “What I can say to you, with the Apostle Paul, is that God’s fidelity to the close covenant with Israel never failed and that, through the terrible trials of these centuries, the Jews have kept their faith in God. And for this, we shall never be sufficiently grateful to them.”
By doing so, Francis noted, Jews served as an example for Christians. “Precisely by persevering in the faith of the God of the Covenant,” he said, they “called all, also us Christians, to the fact that we are always waiting, as pilgrims, for the Lord’s return.”
Francis has repeatedly emphasized that “a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite,” and that to be a good Christian, “it is necessary to understand Jewish history and traditions.”


Bill White – WWI was caused by the French Revolution

WWI was caused by the French Revolution

WWI was caused by the French Revolution

“The Austro-Hungarian Empire [1867-1918] was the first unwanted experiment of a unified Middle Europe. It consisted of such diverse national groups with different languages and backgrounds as Italian, Romanian, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian, German, and Hungarian. As long as these groups were antagonizing each other, the Hapsburgs of Austria could impose their authority. But as soon as efforts of agreement and union were successful, the Hapsburgs lost control.”