Wanted: Books

Bill is allowed to receive books again, and here is a list of books on Bill’s ‘to-read’ list:




Book Title

Liut prand of Cremona


Lambert of Hersfield


Elderhard of Auroch

Chronicle of the World

William of Tyre

History of the Crusades

William of Malmesbury

Deeds of the English Kings

Paulus Diaconus

History of the Lombards


Son of Charlemagne

Isidore of Seville

Gothic History

Procopius of Caesarea

History of the Wars




Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Sigebcart of Gemblaux

World Chronicle

Dionysius the Aeropagite

On the Celestial Hierarchy


On the Mysteries of the Egyptian


Gesta Dageberti (Deals of Dagobert)


Aeropagitica (in translation – all works)

Trevor Ravenscroft

The Spear of Destiny

Craig Heimbichner

Blood on the Altar

Otto Rahn

Court of Lucifer



Constantine V


Constantine VI


Leo IV



780-790, 797-802AD



Walter Johannes Stein

The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail

Biography of Louis the Pious

Son of Charlemagne (Louis the Pious in English)

Dionysius the Aeropagite

Any works

Saint Jerome

Complication of the Vulgate





Florida Update

Bill’s been a bit quiet of late due to being transported around the country which naturally is disruptive of course. But I have recently heard from him, and a date for the Florida trial has been set as July 1st. Not too far away, so perhaps Florida has the legal process a bit more ‘stream-lined’ than Roanoke.

On the other hand, according to Bill the John Polk Correctional Centre where is he currently placed is very badly maintained – since Bill has by now seen most prisons in the country this must mean it’s ***really bad***

From what Bill was describing, it sounds like its full of human rights violations. He says the conditions are terrible. Bill says he got placed in isolation there in some awful dingy room for refusing to accept a plea bargain.

On the positive side, he’s allowed to read in this jail so you can send him books again. Only softcovers however. Apparently prisoners whack each other around the head with hardbacks so they aren’t allowed in prisons/jails. I guess some people are really into heavy reading and brow beating others. I’ll post an updated book list tomorrow.

Bill has lost everyones addresses also, so you will have to send him another letter if with your address on it if you want him to write to you.

Bill has been moved…..again!

No Corrlinks at this place and the odds he will have missed any letters. So…if you said anything important, you will need to resend it.

Mail letters or correspondence to:

John Polk Correctional Facility
Attn: William A. WHite 201400005514
211 Bush Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773
* Include inmate’s name and booking number on the envelope.

Inmate Account Deposits
When sending money for someone’s account it should be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made out in the name of the individual including their booking number. “Deposit Only” should be noted on the exterior of the envelope in the lower left side. Include “UG1-211 Bush Blvd” on the money order.

Note: Funds may only be deposited to an inmate’s account by a person registered on the inmate’s approved visitor list.

Mail Funds to:
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office “SCSO”
100 Bush Blvd
Sanford, Fl, 32773
Attn: Inmate Finance