I have some interesting pieces of information from Bill (plus a much larger and more exciting post which I am saving until tomorrow).

Firstly: There is an indiscrepancy with the ‘evidence’ (scant and ridiculous as it is!) which means that some the alleged internet access (internet access…I am not joking that this case revolves completely around the internet of all irrelevant things) was made whilst Bill was already under arrest in Mexico.

This is made all the more futile as far as the ‘evidence’ goes because the logic is recursive; if Bill did not send the email or use the account anyway (which cannot be proven as I understand) then the wrong time zone may be being used anyway and the whole a priori then becomes redundant. i.e. if ‘x’ cannot be proven to be ‘x’ then ‘x’ + ‘y’ = cannot equate to ‘z’ because ‘x’ is non-quantifiable.

Not that I expect  people to realise their logic is severely flawed of course….

And secondly, in a bizarre twist which I will not even speculate upon, apparently an email from Craig Cobb has somehow turned up in the account of the person who is thought to have been impersonating Bill online. Even more bizarre, Craig Cobb apparently says he is leaving the US and trying to get asylum in Iran. Since he is still in the US one can assume that Craig Cobb never made to Iran.

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