Further Rebuttal: Today’s Roanoke Times Article

Bill White Trial Roanoke

“Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust.” – Charles Baudelaire

Following swiftly on the heels of the last news item, the Roanoke Times has decided that the unpleasant issues surrounding Bill White’s messy divorce proceedings remain news-worthy.

Unfortunately the request for an anonymous jury has been granted, despite this being a massive waste of time, an unnecessary drain of tax payers resources, and designed to intimidate the jurors so that they are predisposed to find Bill White guilty of sending these alleged emails (which he denies any knowledge of).

Personally, I fail to understand what precisely the jury needs protection from. As mentioned earlier, there has been no violence anywhere in this case nor in any past case, and the majority of this incident revolves around the implication that emails may have been sent – which is even at its worst is an extremely trivial matter.

As Bill White is already in prison and hence not able to communicate via the internet, he is not currently in a position to have any access to such things.

Furthermore, no private information on civilians would be posted here, nor I am aware of any correspondents of Bill’s who would do such a terrible thing. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that the precaution is ultimately unnecessary. I do not believe jurors are at any risk of receiving emails or require protection from the internet.

I maintain that Bill White is perfectly harmless and though some people may be offended by his ideas, the concept of ‘thought crime’ (as in the 1984 sense) should not be legally condoned nor used any further to vilify Bill White.

I’d also like to take this moment to say: It’s just a god damned email and I would urge anyone with a degree of sanity and whom is not completely morally bankrupt to get the correct perspective on this matter, as it sets a precedent for miscarriage of justice in all divorce proceedings, which can affect everyone – not just past political activists.


2 thoughts on “Further Rebuttal: Today’s Roanoke Times Article

  1. Judging by the a priori logic of this case 95% of Facebook users should be incarcerated for life. The prisons are not big enough for the people who post abusive content on Facebook or blogs. There are a number of charges I could lay on people for internet statements – however it would be petty and childish to do so.

    The grounding premise has not been examined carefully – should this be passed it will set a dangerous precedent for all internet users – it will be possible to restructure and render any statement a criminal act.

    Were these people rational entities they may realise that denouncing people for ‘fascism’ is the equivalent of the inquisition with ‘witches’. Are people afraid of witches? If one sent you an email saying that they intend to turn you into frog would you turn them over to Matthew Hopkins to be executed?

    But am I am wrong in my aspirations: The average person is neither intelligent nor rational. They would rather call in Matthew Hopkins for a witch burning than act like responsible adults.

  2. According to historian Rossell Hope Robbins, Matthew Hopkins “acquired an evil reputation which in later days made his name synonymous with fingerman or informer paid by authorities to commit perjury”

    Matthew Hopkins is the perfect metaphor I believe.

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