Finally: The Roanoke Verdict

I have yet to hear from Bill – so for now this is just ‘hearsay’, but things turned out pretty much as I expected – 92 months consecutive followed by three years probation.

From the Roanoke Times:

“Then, Turk expressed what he described as a significant concern with the prosecution.
“I think the government is trying to prosecute you for your beliefs, largely for your beliefs,” Turk told White. “If you hadn’t been Bill White, prosecution would have been in state court.”

Turk said authorities probably would have processed in juvenile and domestic relations court a matter like White’s involving somebody else. But, continuing the point, Turk told White he’s virtually a public figure and the general public disagrees with his views.”

My point is proven – that it’s a ) A matter of politics and b) Is really just an over-inflated domestic incident. Fortunately Judge Turk still has common sense and ethics.

And once again the media has trotted out their favourite picture of Bill…which Bill says is not actually his picture.

Now we can move on to the Florida trial, which, as far as I can tell, seems to be just a bunch of statements revolving around silly comments on the internet, a lot of which appears to be random blog trolling by anonymous people. The fact that stupid emails is all they can attempt pin on Bill after years of desperate searching just goes to show how utterly and completely harmless he actually is.






2 thoughts on “Finally: The Roanoke Verdict

  1. Thanks for your concern Ward. I remain endlessly grateful for your huge donation to Bill White and support.

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