Update on the Roanoke Trial

Updated: It seems Bill’s optimism was extremely unfounded and that things were definitely not going as well as he initially suspected, very much the opposite in fact.

The final result is guilty on three accounts it seems and one lesser (I suppose partially-guilty) charge. Hopefully those emails don’t get five years sentence each.

And on that note, I’m going on holiday from this blog for a while.


No major news to report as yet but there are a few updates:

  • Faux (pun intended) News has decided that not much is apparently happening in the news at the moment, and thus Bill White’s domestic issues have become a matter of national concern.  Faux/Fox however has less credibility as a news source than the Onion outside of the USA. In fact the whole incident almost reads like it could be an Onion article.
  • According to Bill everything is going well so far, his ex-wife has apparently admitted it wasn’t extortion and the witnesses are apparently falling apart on the stand.
  • Evidence so far exonerates Bill from sending some of these emails, and someone else had access to the account(s) in question.
  • The trial appears to be set to continue for at least two more days.
  • People are arriving at this blog with all sorts of bizarre search terms! I cannot believe how inane some people actually are.
  • Finally, the FBI have not contacted me about this case to crush any rumours in that direction.

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