Harold Covington on the Trial of Bill White

Harold Covington on the Trial of Bil White

Harold Covington on Bill White’s Trial in Roanoke

Harold Covington speculates on the latest twists and turns in Bill’s forthcoming trial – an extract is included below. Please follow the link to read the full story.

“I have heard from another source that the Bill White trial, which was scheduled to begin in Roanoke, Virginia on October 1st, has been postponed. No word yet on when it will happen.

This is an old prosecutor’s trick, using an, er, “amenable” judge (now, did I say “a judge who is in the tank?”) to postpone the trial at the last minute, preferably with as little information as possible, so that the defense will have all their ducks lined up in a row, be ready to go, and then have to send their witnesses home, stand down, so forth and so on.”