Man Dies at Seminole County Jail

Here’s another person having a ‘incident’ at the Seminole County Jail/John Polk Correctional Centre – this one appears to drop dead as soon he’s booked in from a ‘seizure’ – though it could well be the use of a tazer. The effects are similar.


An autopsy is being performed Thursday on a Seminole County man who deputies say suffered a seizure when he was being booked into the jail and died.

Bill White – Human Rights Violations in Seminole County Jail

Bill White stages hunger strike against human rights violations in the Seminole County Jail/John Polk Correctional Centre.

Claims no natural light, 24 hour video surveillance, 24 artificial lighting, sewerage in cells, no hot water, no hygiene.

No contact allowed with anyone, all correspondence and communication lost. No one is allowed to communicate with Bill White. Even mail is not permitted by the jail he is housed in.

Last known communication with Bill White is correspondence over Human Rights issues, and then he just disappeared…

Download Original: Bill White – Human Rights Violation

How to lodge a request for an official inquiry via United Nations:

Bill White - Human Rights Violation