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Remember that, go back there. There are no followers here, only trolls, stalkers, informants and government employees who get paid to read this page to see if someone starts posting case files, names/addresses and/or other exciting stuff.



Triarii – Europa

The problem with Bill’s low hit rate and lack of followers/support is lack of trendiness with the current generation. Maybe Triarii will help him attract some new readers. I see that it seems to be an advert for Imperium Europa as well as music by Triarii. That’s okay, I like them – they are not idiots. Buy their books too as well as Bill White’s.

Poe’s Law

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This pretty much explains my experience with Bill’s websites and the trolls:

Poe’s Law is an Internet axiom which states that it is difficult to distinguish extremism from satire of extremism in online discussions unless the author clearly indicates his/her intent. This notion is most frequently observed with highly divisive discussion topics like religious fundamentalism and bipartisan politics.

Similar to Murphy’s Law, Poe’s Law concerns internet debates, particularly regarding religion or politics. … In other words, No matter how bizarre, outrageous, or just plain idiotic a parody of a Fundamentalist may seem, there will always be someone who cannot tell that it is a parody, having seen similar REAL ideas from real religious/political Fundamentalists.


parody, idiot


Or in other words, some people’s (the trolls) ideas are so incredibly crapulent they actually appear as a parody to me because they are so far gone down the ‘Fundie Fake-Fascist’ path they just look like rambling idiots. How to tell an informant from a straight out plain Nutzi idiot? Impossible without studying them for months since the role of the informant is to do idiotic things to entrap other idiots.

Therefore I propose that Poe’s Law be bifurcated into two strands: Genuine idiots who accidentally parody themselves, and the informants who intentionally look like parodies (thus mimicking the idiots).

On that note logic dictates that if a petty nuisance is not an informant, they must be a god damned idiot of massive proportions.

We are best served by entertaining neither instance of Poe’s Law.

Can’t tell if this is satire? Lmao ; )



Some differences between Conservatism and Traditionalism

People seem to forget in addition to all the other stuff, Bill is also a Traditionalist. Traditionalists, being essentially honourable tend to assist each other. Fake ‘National Socialists’ on the other hand, seem to like kicking Bill when he is down – so much for the discipline of the SS lol.


On Lunatics and Losers in the Right

Glenn Frazier Miller, Idiot, ImbecileHere follows Greg Johnson’s comments on Frazier Glenn Miller and his links to VNN forum concerning the  individuals that inhabit its virtual space. And yes, I do know Bill doesn’t like Greg Johnson – but this article is worth spreading around. Much of what Johnson calls the ‘Old Right’ is just a bunch of pansies moaning on the internet about how oppressed they are by people they claim to be inferior. How can the inferior oppress the superior? It cannot – therefore these ‘pansies’ are the weakest dregs of the Caucasian race.

Since these individuals are too stupid/insane to ever be taken seriously, they have no choice but to become a menace to society. The ‘Pansy Division’ of the ‘Old Right’ does not even belong on the ‘Right’ – only the Liberal Left supports ‘equality’ for the intellectually handicapped and the mentally ill. And what is this Miller lackspittle, but a creature so weak and cowardly as to attack unarmed civilians? A warrior? A spineless coward and a brainless imbecile.

Let us blame the real culprit – Liberal Democracy – that permits dangerous imbeciles to run free. I outright condemn Millers actions and believe he should be subjected to utter posthumous humiliation to discourage further fools from such actions and bring disgrace on Nationalist movements.

Please read Johnson’s article below:

What is the Old Right response to this strategic situation? Based on Alex Linder’s Vanguard News Network Forum, which Glenn Miller frequented, the Old Right approach is to drop our strongest weapons (particularly morality), to put together a cadre of people who are even more repulsive and crazy than the enemy leadership, and then to charge the enemy at his strongest point.[1]

Old Right types typically accuse me of bringing a pen to a gunfight, but I accuse them of bringing a gun to a battle of ideas. Glenn Miller shows us how well that works out.


1. Linder, who has never heard of a spree killer he hasn’t liked, has been silent since Miller’s rampage. Some are speculating that the SPLC will use Miller’s connection to VNN to try to shut down Linder’s tard hatchery. But this is wishful thinking. Why would the system shut down VNN Forum when Miller’s actions work entirely to the system’s advantage? Objectively, VNN Forum is an enemy asset. If I were them, I would be donating to it.