The Following II (Haters Gonna Hate)

bill white trial

I have some spare time to fill in today, since no one wants to waste my time on replying to complete bull.

In Harold Covington’s blog, he unveils his theory on Bill and what he believes to be the general direction of Bill’s case which revolves around a nebulous and omnipresent ‘Following’.

I believe Harold’s premise here is correct, that the case revolves around the fact, that somewhere in the Zeitgeist, the government believes there are bunch of mysterious ‘Followers’.

Presumably, they’d like to include me in this list. So, please allow me to take a needle and burst this mysterious bubble.

Bill White, this guy with loads of non-existent ‘followers’, is so not a well-known person in the Right, nor is he very well respected. In fact I didn’t even know who he was when I met him online. When he kept saying he was having problems with the US government, I actually thought he was spinning tales to make himself seem less bourgeois– so that’s how famous Bill White actually is lol.

Eventually I thought I better Google him and see if anything was correct, and pages of crap then appeared, but since they did not describe an accurate representation of the person I was talking to, I assumed he’d been the victim of what is known as a ‘Google Bomb’. I’ve actually seen people with worse search engine results than Bill, so I wasn’t terribly bothered by it. Though, I suspect, the search engines are what caused all his woes.

Since all the cases I read about online were nothing but internet cases, I assumed he was totally harmless. After all, if they were true, what would happen to me? Just spam and emails from the looks of things. Am I scared of spam? No. Scared of emails? No. I mean…who is seriously bothered by guys writing crap on the internet? You just complain to Google or the web host and get it removed or use a spam filter. Internet nuisances instantly disappear, easily and legally.

Followers? Bill White is as powerful as a drop of water in a bucket. I mean, this site is mostly read by people who hate him. Even the person regarded to be his favourite patsy/fall guy is hating on him. So where the hell are these Followers?

If they think I’m follower than that’s a beyond a joke – I often tell Bill the Nazi stuff is out of date and not viable. As to  his apparent past support of Matt Hale which started all the years of crap– I booted all his ‘Followers’ years ago for being unbearably stupid. Furthermore I couldn’t care less about the American Front, who also appear to be unbearably stupid. In fact, just looking at them I’d be wishing they’d actually been kept in prison and not released. I hope to God Bill doesn’t get found guilty of supporting these idiots, because that’s just going to be plain embarrassing.

I don’t believe Bill actually has any Followers. I’m just running this blog because everyone else seems to be out to screw him over. I am not a Nazi, not a Fascist, not a racist, not interested in any form of politics that has irrational fear as it’s basis. The only people I have anything against are the idiots, who appear in all races and groups. And, as far as I can tell, there are jerks everywhere.


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