It isn’t Overthrow until the Fat Lady Sings

AmericaFarm  is still intent on trolling this website to get her weekly pay from whoever it is she works for. I have no idea what she is referring to either…just another rant it seems.

The most recent post over on the ‘anti-bill white blog’ appears to be another attempt to attack Bill with more bogus accusations. AmericaFarm goes silent, then every time Bill goes to trial…incomprehensible weirdness and other nasty comments originate from her blog. Happened last time too, which is why I’m 100% she is an informant of some kind.

I have also heard from another contact that AmericaFarm has been in communication with some of Bill’s friends telling them things to turn people against him. Fortunately none of them so far have believed any of her lies.

Bill has also told me that he receives nasty correspondence from her, and it’s on his instruction that AmericaFarm be booted.

I remain convinced that Grandma America is an informant. This would also explain why she feels the urge to throw around empty accusations and bluster in public. If not an informant, then trying to destroy Bill’s legal defense deliberately (which is what he actually told me). It would also explain why she also follows him around like a bad smell and yet never testifies on his behalf when asked to.

AmericaFarm —> Banned by VNN, banned by Bill White, banned by Traditionalists, banned by people she doesn’t even know exist lol…banned by pretty much the whole of the political right. Only informants get banned that many times, because they get paid to irritate people. People with ‘personal interests’ read blogs – they don’t write them to deliberately spread lies around on the internet.

Last words to Granny America/ M.Gerard or whatever your real name is:

I’ve been booting trouble makers like you since before the internet existed. I know that the only way you can get attention is by pissing people off on the internet and that is what you are trying to do and I know that you are an informant ; ) Bill was an idiot not to notice, but I suppose since he was in prison and couldn’t check up on you, he was an easy target eh? I knew what you were from day 1.


On a related note, weird things are happening to my computer, emails are disappearing and strange people are sending me odd emails. I think I’m hacked.










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