AmericaFarm Blog Officially Discredited

Bill White officially disowned AmericaFarm’s blog about him last night for creating months of annoyance with weird activities that quite frankly, no one can understand or explain. As I mentioned yesterday this person put a whole pile of erroneous content online which caused others to believe in events which never transpired. There are lot more annoying things that AmericaFarm has done, but it’s waste of time explaining them.

All you need to know is that Bill says don’t use or visit her blog because she’s no longer on friendly terms with him and is writing weird things deliberately to be spiteful.

On a related note, someone appears to have hacked my site – a button to the left appears to have moved 5mm. Sometimes my avatar get’s changed too. Must be some person who apparently likes to target wordpress blogs to make minor cosmetic alterations. What a cad. I won’t be able to use my dashboard properly with the button 5mm to the left.

The story on overthrow (if I can post the link, it’s so damn hard to use the dashboard with that button over there) is at:


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