Florida Update

Bill’s been a bit quiet of late due to being transported around the country which naturally is disruptive of course. But I have recently heard from him, and a date for the Florida trial has been set as July 1st. Not too far away, so perhaps Florida has the legal process a bit more ‘stream-lined’ than Roanoke.

On the other hand, according to Bill the John Polk Correctional Centre where is he currently placed is very badly maintained – since Bill has by now seen most prisons in the country this must mean it’s ***really bad***

From what Bill was describing, it sounds like its full of human rights violations. He says the conditions are terrible. Bill says he got placed in isolation there in some awful dingy room for refusing to accept a plea bargain.

On the positive side, he’s allowed to read in this jail so you can send him books again. Only softcovers however. Apparently prisoners whack each other around the head with hardbacks so they aren’t allowed in prisons/jails. I guess some people are really into heavy reading and brow beating others. I’ll post an updated book list tomorrow.

Bill has lost everyones addresses also, so you will have to send him another letter if with your address on it if you want him to write to you.


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