Been Moved Again – Now in FTC Oklahoma

Bill has been moved again – fortunately for him the transit to Florida appears to be quicker than the usual month long exodus, wherein he travels around the whole country for a trip that should take only a couple of days (presumably the government does this not only to make the trip more unpleasant for Bill, but also to waste more of the average citizens tax funds).

For those of you who sent post to Bill’s Salem address, this means he probably won’t receive them. So, here is the next address. Again, I cannot state how long he will be here before he gets shifted to face the very important web trolling incident in Florida.

As Bill is currently moving around a lot, please use  the Poisoned Pen address (on the side) for donations until he arrives at a semi-permanent location if you are using post.

For other donation methods, please see this page:

To send post to Bill at this beauteous orange brick of an institution, please use the following address:


William A. White  #13880884

P.O. BOX 898801




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