David Icke Fans Discuss Bill White’s Case and Why it’s a Problem for all US Citizens

David Icke, Bill White


From the David Icke Forum:

This kind of thing happens all the time in the US. Right now white nationalist Bill White is about to go on trial for supposedly making threats on Facebook. He already has been sentenced for email threats.

Bill White had a radio show for years where he said stuff that was 100x worse. There’s just a crackdown on free speech right now. The issue here is that they are taking genuinely unlikeable people to create precedents in the laws that can be applied to you and me.


I fully agree. Precedents will be used later on you and me. Right now the USA is on life support, no fking jobs at all. And what does the govt. do?
They are hugely pushing for a ID program for internet users. And no jobs?
This is soooo blatant. They want to turn the internet into aOL


Still think it’s okay to do this average Americans? It’s not, any one of you could be next. All you need to do is login into Facebook drunk, and wham boom, off to prison to keep the failing economy on life support.

Remember that when this is you on the receiving end of prison for internet bullshit, that you stood by and let this happen. This case sets the precedent for the rest to follow, against every American citizen regardless of their political persuasion. Your Freedom of Speech and Constitution is just an illusion, which has been brutally slain by the hands of corporate greed – and yet these murderers of liberty are still free are they not?





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