Malpractice Evidence in Court Transcript?


From a letter to Harold Covington, Bill on why posting a transcript upsets the prosecution:

This is why the dictatorship is so upset that the trial transcript and material on their star witness [name redacted] has been posted online. Of course, it is impossible for me to have posted this online because I’m in prison. But more importantly, there is nothing even colorably wrong with posting a trial transcript, supposedly a matter of public record, online. If the trial transcript tended to make me look guilty, would the regime be complaining about it? This is the irony of the situation–making public the evidence used to convict me is, in the mind of the dictatorship, “disrespectful” and “obstructive of justice.”


It doesn’t take a genius to figure that posting a court transcript of someone who is supposedly guilty should be a good thing for the legal system. They should be rejoicing that evidence of Bill White’s guilt is online!

And yet this is not so. They are complaining that a document which was made to attest to his guilt is online. Since according to them, it is proof of his guilt, it should not be a problem.

But apparently it is – because if you read the actual thing there so many gaping holes in it, it looks like a block of swiss cheese on a firing range. Even I did not believe Bill’s stories about how his wife psychologically abused him – until I read the court transcript, which is just sitting there, proudly displayed for all the world to see.

The parts of the transcript I blacked out contains the names and conversations of people who would have been witnesses for the defense if they were contacted. They were not contacted – their names and conversations are used here, and without their knowledge or consent. I spoke to one of them yesterday, and he was so unaware of the entire event he did not even know Bill was in prison!

Why were these people never contacted and cited in the transcript, without being aware of their participation or even questioned?!



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