Letter from Bill to Harold Covington

bill white trial prosecutorial misconduct

Note: I have removed Harold Covington’s comments to add my own. It would be too confusing to have both there at the same time.

Original (with Harold’s comments)  here: http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/2014/04/madness-in-roanoke.html

April 2, 2014

Hello, Harold:

Yesterday’s rumor is now today’s established fact. My sentencing has now been cancelled for a third time. I am told it will take “several weeks” to re-schedule. Another source tells me the judge is dying. All of Judge [redacted’s] cases which can be re-assigned have been re-assigned. He had a trial next week, for instance, which he has been substituted out of. It appears that a substitution in my case will mean a mistrial, a vacating of everything that’s happened to me since last June and a return to square one. Given the state of things, I’d say this looks likely. The second possibility is a substitution and a continuance to sentencing. The third possibility is [redacted’s] recovery.

I have received your latest blog posts. Very amusing. Keep telling people I’m harmless. 🙂

Document 189 is the dictatorship’s sentencing memorandum. This is what they are saying on the record:

1) I disdain the law and have no respect for the criminal justice system. (p.2-4)

(I think this is just legal rhetoric deployed to harass Bill, and is fairly standard fair in cases with no hard evidence. No one can possibly respect a law that demands twenty years punishment for an email. And I myself have had plenty of death threats sent to me over the internet  (from Liberals, Feminists, Right Wing Activists, ex’s – the whole political spectrum really. The best thing to do when such things arrive in the inbox is drink coffee and laugh whilst mocking them from a distance.) – but never so much as legally reported one of them. Why? Because it’s just the internet and I know it will never happen. Moreover I’m sure Bill’s ex knows he is totally harmless and these accusations have been put forward so she can have sole custody of the child and remove all contact with the unwanted ‘sperm donor.’  This is very common in divorce cases.) 

2) I have asserted defenses and filed motions in my defense instead of pleading guilty. (p.4)

(Rhetoric and impotent bluster. Bill needs a real lawyer to put these statements through as what they are ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ used to harass instead of uphold the law.)

3) I have a “reputation in the community for violence.” (p. 4)

(Odd, I thought he had a reputation as the guy who writes comments on the internet. If anything, his cases are more for the ‘Internet Department of Butt-Hurt’ than anything serious. Nothing has happened to anyone at all, ever. Bill’s major offense is hurting people’s feelings across the internet – so much so that apparently it warrants a over-top period of incarceration. Once again, I interpret this as harassment on the part of the prosecution and ‘prosecutorial misconduct’. This case is full of such things, and Bill needs a lawyer that has the gumption to attack it on these grounds.)

4) I have “contacts with others who have reputations and rap sheets proving their willingness to engage in criminal activities.” (p. 5)

(I’m a former government employee. Does that count as criminal? (Joke). Please, the grandiose sweeping statements are all really quite nauseating.The person with the longest rap sheet here actually appears to belong to the witness – by their own logic that renders her testimony to be the least credible.) 

5) I “purportedly have many followers.” (p. 5)

(This site has fourteen followers.Look at all the readers rushing to comment and defend Bill – which is like, no one at all. I can’t see any evidence of any followers at all. I wish he actually had some so that they would visit this site! As mentioned earlier the FB page in question only had 54 ‘friends’ – a good number of which are fake accounts and anti-fascist activists trying to hack the page. US needs to wake and smell the coffee – there are not thousands of ‘Nazi’s’ running around. There are in fact hardly any, and as I stated before, I’m not one either.) 

bill white trial proscutorial misconduct

Screen capture proving just how many ‘followers’ Bill White actually has.

6) I have posted the trial transcript and truthful information on SG on the internet.” (p. 10)

(Obviously he didn’t post that, I did. And since reading through the stuff I can see why they didn’t want it online. Because it’s full of evidence for ‘prosecutorial misconduct’. And now that it’s public the errors can all be exposed and fought when they have to rerun the trial.)

7) I have told my daughter not to be a perjurer. (p. 9)

(I don’t know how to respond to this one, except for the fact that it’s beneath anyone’s dignity to bring children into this mockery of justice.)

8) My “attempt to stifle divergence” [sic] is “repugnant.” (p. 10)

(Can’t prosecute people for ‘being repugnant’. Doesn’t matter how ‘repugnant’ someones ideas are to anyone, it’s still illegal. And actually, since I’m still on the topic of ‘misconduct’. It’s actually prosecutorial misconduct to persecute people for political beliefs too. Or at least it is supposed to be.) 

If you want the truth look up an October 23, 2008 Roanoke Times article accusing me of having killed two dozen people. The U.S. Attorney’s office pretends to really believe this. I have never done or contemplated any such thing.

(The US Attorney’s Office does not actually believe this – they are committing a legal faux paux in which they will push for a ‘conviction at any cost’, regardless of the truth value of statements – again ‘prosecutorial misconduct’. The problem is people who should be defending Bill and making legal statements to prove the contrary are not so they are getting away with harassing him. Much of what is contained in the transcript can be easily disproven.)

A bizarre letter arrived today that looks like a new effort to set me up. Maybe the dictator’s servants are losing confidence.

(Whatever it was, obviously an epic fail.)

Thank you for all you do, Harold. Looks like I will be here “several weeks,” in other words, several months.

(That several months of annoyance, will probably shave of several years of later prison annoyance since the argument looks somewhat crippled now – by their own transcript no less.)




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