Recent Cases Highlight Rampant Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutorial Misconduct Bill White Roanoke Trial
Open News Article highlighting recent instances of Prosecutorial Misconduct, which seems to be a common occurrence in US trials:
Recent Cases Highlight Rampant Prosecutorial Misconduct
“The conviction rate in U.S. federal courts now exceeds an incredible 99%, something more akin to what one would expect in a Third World dictatorship or banana republic.  The largely pre-ordained results, themselves, suggest a startling level of illegitimacy.  Even if every accused defendant were actually guilty, a normal margin of error would yield a conviction rate markedly lower than the patently fraudulent rate now being achieved.  Justice in federal courts seems to be alive and well in the world of entertainment, where various fictional legal programs rarely miss an opportunity to trumpet the ideals of the “best system in the world,” but in reality fall woefully short of these mythical representations of “justice.””
“This absurdly high conviction rate is at least partially achieved through gross federal prosecutorial misconduct.  Prosecutors engaging in subornation of perjury, withholding exculpatory evidence and other various misdeeds have become so common that seasoned legal observers recognize that such practices have become standard fare in federal prosecutions.  Even federal judges, largely in league with their prosecutorial counterparts, have begun to weigh in with blistering criticisms of prosecutors who seek convictions at any cost.”

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