Harold Covington on Bill White’s Legal Issues

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HAC At Astoria Bridge

Harold Covington At Astoria Bridge

Okay, I understand that all kinds of federal suits involved in this case have their noses glued to this blog every morning when they come into their cubicles with their Starbucks and their bearclaw or whatever, and yeah, I know, this is probably some kind of “obstruction” or “conspiracy” or “tortious interference” or whatever else you could gin it up to if you want, but like I said once before, I’m 60 now and that’s 60 whole years you can’t take away from me no matter what, so WTF? I’ll give this a shot.

Let’s pretend there’s still something called the U. S. Constitution in operation, and that it has something called a First Amendment, okay? Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch, especially since the FBI has now taken simply to gunning people down in their homes like that poor Chechen bastard in Orlando, but let’s see if you droids can wrap your minds around it long enough for me to just make a few suggestions.

Guys, why not just quit while you’re ahead? You terrorized the living crap out of that jury by anonymizing them, thus convincing them that Bill has some kind of secret army of flying monkeys hiding in the hills that would swoop down and carry off their first-born if they acquitted him, so fine, you’ve got your conviction and you’ll get your seven to ten years at least, if not more. Don’t sweat it, he won’t be getting out any time soon, to where he can make any more wicked Facebook posts.

For Christ’s sake, why the hell isn’t seven to ten years enough? I have never fully understood the exact nature of this bug you all seem to have up your asses about Bill White, a man whom even in your most bizarre and irrational moments you yourselves admit never actually DID anything, just posted things on the internet your lords and masters don’t like. I always thought it was that magazine cover he foolishly placed on the internet back in 2008 before President Soetoro’s Immaculation, but Bill himself claims not. He says it was something to do with the FBI’s ghastly Hal Turner fuck-up. Who the hell knows? I long ago gave up trying to figure out what goes on in your minds.

Whatever it is, it’s clearly personal, malicious, and vindictive, and has nothing whatsoever to do with law enforcement or any bona fide threat to anybody. William A. White is one of the most harmless individuals imaginable, and it simply stretches credulity past the breaking point to believe that everyone in that courtroom from the judge on down is not perfectly well aware of that fact. Somebody in a big office told you people to get him, and by God, you got him.

He’s not going anywhere, and what does it really matter whether he dies in prison or whether he’s there until 2020, when the entire political landscape will have changed, and whoever it is in that big office who told you to do this is gone? Maybe even indicted himself, because somebody in a still bigger office decides they have a case of the ass for him? Either that or else you yourselves will be getting paid in worthless government scrip or Cheerios box-tops, as may well occur, and you have other things to worry about.

Look, why not just strike or nol-pross the Florida grand jury indictment or whatever the term is, send Bill to some federal hellhole, lock him up, forget about him, and move on to other things?

Because he hasn’t broken yet? Okay, he hasn’t, but why is that really so important to you? I’m sure you’ve run the stats on this blog, and you know it’s only got a few thousand readers. Nobody knows or cares about Bill White, at least nobody with any money or power or connections who could possibly affect anything one way or the other. My readers are all as destitute as I am; Bill’s friends haven’t even been able to hire him a defense attorney.

Who’s to know if you naughty puppies finally get bored and drop your favorite chew-toy on the floor, then trot off yapping in search of more fun and excitement?

What in God’s name is it all in aid of? Me, I could understand. I write books about revolution and race and politics that might actually have some influence some day if any White people survive into another generation, but Bill’s books are about comparative religion and serpent cults, for crying out loud! Even if he has stumbled onto some cosmic truth the Jews don’t want people to know about, he has even fewer readers than I do.

George Orwell once wrote that “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Hell, maybe it’s no more complicated than that.



3 thoughts on “Harold Covington on Bill White’s Legal Issues

  1. A few factors here in my analysis: One – the original American Front case was an embarrassment – this was then followed by a further embarrassment by taking some stupid internet comments seriously – the US government has wasted a fortune investigating non-existent political threats from non-existent Nazi’s…now obviously, a justification for this expenditure is required and a patsy must be found for the stupid (and at best irritating) emails. Finally the original flight to Mexico also was an embarrassment to the government – but obviously the punishment is far in excess of any actual crimes committed.

    And I’m sure the FBI has already procured the blog stats, so they will know that the readership here has always been low – thus proving that there are no hordes of ‘Nazi’s to chase…even more so I am openly not in support of National Socialism. If even the person running the blog is not a Nazi, where exactly are the Nazi’s that everyone is so worried about?!?!!

    But all of this is in fact a doomed strategy. The very worst thing anyone can do to a opponent is to create a martyr..the more time and attention that goes to Bill White, the greater the risk becomes. Socrates, the first person to be killed by a democracy was no threat whilst he was alive, but once found guilty his fame skyrocketed. By killing Jesus, Christianity toppled the Roman Empire. One must never be over-zealous in persecution.

    Excessive persecution will end up making a martyr out of Bill. But maybe he knows this?

  2. Ironically the people who give Bill White the most publicity for his cause are the US Government and the media. Think about carefully readers – if anyone makes Bill powerful, it will be the USA itself not Harold or I. It is US government officials who give him the means and press coverage to do so.

  3. The number of people commenting here (i.e. ZERO) is evidence enough of the fact Bill quite obviously has no hordes of adoring fans on the internet. Same as the FB page – zippity doo dah. USA Government is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars chasing non-existent Nazi’s while children starve, real crimes go unpunished, detroit crumbles….

    There’s your evidence that Bill White is harmless – he has a website with ZERO commentators. And this, not the transcript is the real embarrassment, because the proof that claims have been exaggerated is sitting right here, in this sites lack of readers and dismal hit rate.

    But never mind that, the American tax payers have more money to waste chasing non-existent Nazi’s….

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