“Fascism Viewed from the Right” by Julius Evola

Heathen Harvest

Julius Evola Fascism Viewed from the Right

There is a commonly expressed sentiment that communism is a good idea in theory but has not worked in practice. Rarely does one hear a similar statement regarding fascism. However, Fascism Viewed from the Right by Julius Evola attempts to do just this by examining what was both positive and negative about Italian Fascism from the author’s traditionalist philosophical perspective, a perspective that he describes as the “True Right”. Evola was a notable figure during the 20 year reign of Italian Fascism and some of his writings had an impact on ultimate goals of Mussolini and his followers. As such he was in a unique position to criticize the regime, and he did so in publishing this book in 1964, which was reprinted in 1974 with additional notes. Last year, Arktos published an English translation. In the book, Evola examines the doctrine of fascism as compared with his own ideal…

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