Chasing White Herrings – Distracting the Readers

The media and the informants have been generating the ‘red herring’ of White Supremacy around Bill’s case with the American Front – this includes not only the media, but also the informant who posts rubbish on VNN. Both of them have mentioned the document, deliberately out of context to obfuscate the entire legal issue with the issue of ‘racism’ – which  is not part of the case.

Discussion of the whole issue is irrelevant to the case at hand, and more importantly by people focusing on this comment, they are deliberately distracting readers from the rest of the letter – in which Bill says why he is not associated with anyone from the American Front. This applies not only to the media, but also the informant following Bill around online by postings items which are quite bluntly, obtrusive diversion tactics and deliberate insertions of misleading content.

  1. The American Front (in it’s current form) is an enemy of Bill’s, not an ally. They are not connected with National Socialism, but are White Supremacist Communists connected to Pol Pot, North Korea and are also strongly associated with the platform of Eurasia, led by the former KGB agent Alexander Dugin. They also support violent Islam against the government of the USA. The FBI also have files on the American Front which will verify this and more having previously arrested their current heads on a number of charges (including sending death threats online and use of internet pseudonyms). These people are not National Socialists, they are Communists. Bill had a major argument with the American Front in May 2012, precisely when these emails where alleged to be sent and the American Front attacked him using pseudonyms on at least two online forums. As Bill was attacked in public by these people (and he was aware of this) it doesn’t seem very likely he’d be trying to get their buddies out of prison. This is what the American Front wrote about Bill White in May 2012. American Front on Bill White
  2. What Bill means by ‘Traditionalist National Socialism’ is that is he is adhering to Julius Evola’s theory of ‘race’ not the ‘National Socialist’ one. This means ‘race’ is used in a cultural sense not a biological  sense or in sum – if you adopt the cultural/behavioural aspects of another group, you become one. Bill’s essay on ‘race’ in regards to this has been on this website for sometime so there is no point debating semantics and wasting everyones time on red (or should I say ‘white supremacist’ herrings). Bill White’s essay on ‘race’ showing he is not a ‘white supremacist’ here.

Document containing the ‘White Supremacist Herring’ below.

American Front Case File



3 thoughts on “Chasing White Herrings – Distracting the Readers

  1. So – American Front made a webpage claiming Bill White is a government paid informant in May 2012, and because of this attacked Bill over the internet. Now here he is being prosecuted for anonymous messages arising from this period. Something really dodgy is going – American Front is calling him an informant working for the FBI, and the FBI is claiming Bill works for the American Front. Obviously, both scenarios cannot be true. Something is very rotten in the State of Florida.

  2. Yes. According to the America Front, Bill works for the FBI. According to the FBI Bill works for the American Front. Two completely contradictory statements. WTF? I have no idea what is going on. I very much doubt Bill does work for the FBI given his continual legal issues.

  3. One in every four Americans does not know the earth circles around the sun. One in every four Americans fails to realize that Bill White is not a detective, communist, white supremacist, vampire, Satan, or Charles Manson. One in every four Americans are just uneducated about everything. What hope is there for talking sense to them if they lack the cognitive faculty for reasoning in a logical manner? (See article below on education standard of America)

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