Fake Mug Shots in Media Items?

Bill White - Usually has hair!Something intriguing to report from Harold Covington’s Thoughtcrime site. A recent letter of Bill’s online there states that Bill says he has hair in all his mug shots. But the media keeps posting a mug shot of Bill with no hair – are they doing this deliberately do make Bill look like more of a ‘Skinhead’ to perpetuate the myth that everyone on the political right is involved with Skinheads? Is it a ploy to link Bill with ‘American Front’ type organisations who always have shaved heads and ugly tattoos?

I have seen pictures of Bill and can verify that he does usually have hair – however Bill says that he doesn’t know where the current ‘Bald Bill’ picture has come from.

My guess is that this is the media favourite because it makes him look more like the average sort of ‘American Front’ style thug. Bill has no connections with these people, does not like them, and isn’t associated with them or any type of  ‘biker or skinhead’ style gangs.

Actually now  that I look at it carefully and compare it to previous photos the head and the ears do look a bit different to other photos – either it’s a really bad photo of Bill taken in Mexico when  he had concussion (he was clubbed around the  head in Mexico and obviously had concussion along with some other nasty injuries he described to me in a letter) or its something else. Does look a little wrong now that I think about it. Either way the media has either picked a photo of Bill with concussion (which is pretty horrible if you think about it) to use or it’s been fiddled with slightly. If it is one of him with concussion, then he wouldn’t remember it being taken.

As a side note the ‘crazy letter’ which was published by the Roanoke Time and other news stations, was written when Bill had concussion too. And yes, he did get thrown into solitary confinement with an untreated head injury. As far as I know that’s a violation of Human Rights, but because Bill is a National Socialist, apparently he no longer qualifies for ‘Human Rights’.

Either way I think they have decided to use the worst photo of Bill possible to connect him with American Front Skinheads deliberately.

If he is covered with bad tattoos in the next picture, we’ll know the pictures are definitely being fiddled with.

“The devil is in the details” as they say.

Original post on Thought crime here:


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