Miguel Serrano’s “El Cordon Dorado” Translated: Chapters 1 – 10

Heathen Harvest


In 2001, I tried to collect as much of Miguel Serrano’s work as I could. It was only then that I fully discovered the route he had taken, along with a changing view of him.

In esoteric circles, Serrano is quoted mostly in the context of either the Arctic poles or the Black Sun (one topic many mystics and magicians cannot only agree on, but less can define). There isn’t much else out there. His name had come from the mouths of so many industrial music legends, I decided to study up, and see why his work was so difficult to come across.

After hitting eBay, and collecting all of his English titles, I began to tackle those in his native tongue.

His writing is very different, depending on what you’re reading. He has poetry, complete books on magical philosophy, autobiographies, and lengthy articles which are often geopolitical in…

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One thought on “Miguel Serrano’s “El Cordon Dorado” Translated: Chapters 1 – 10

  1. What has this to do with Bill White? Nothing except that there are cross-overs points with some of Bill’s research areas, and people who like Bill’s books may also enjoy texts by Serrano. Just trying to broaden your libraries a little.

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