Paid and Recruited Informants in both Florida Cases Involving the American Front?

Before the gossip-mongers on VNN start up again (a certain individual deliberately posts negative articles on Bill in their forum, which creates nothing but a round insults there every time). Since this individual knows VNN is hostile to Bill, its posted there deliberately to muck-rake. So before the vultures from VNN descend to strip more flesh from Bill’s legislative carcass and ruin things even further, here’s the reason why the American Front people got released.

They were innocent and set up by paid and recruited informant(s).The informant cunningly also fled the country afterwards, undoubtedly worried not only by the fact of reprimand, but also because they shafted the FBI with false information. Note this person was recruited and paid.

Apparently the FBI have other informant lined up for Bill’s Florida case, who claims he was in Florida during the time everyone else knew he was in Mexico. I’m thinking that these informants are probably terminally unemployable types who are quite happy to lie for a few dollars to pay for their various addictions. That being said, two former friends of Bill’s handled his post for him – both of these turned out to be traitorous wretches, so one of them could have been in Florida, actively setting Bill up – especially since at least one has also been revealed to be an informant by the mainstream media. I’m betting there were two paid informants…one of whom was in operation much longer…and the media are going to prove me correct in a couple of months.

From the Orlando Sentinel: “An informant who infiltrated the American Front neo-Nazi group in Osceola County received $40,000 from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, court records obtained Thursday show.

Jason Hall received the payments partly for secretly photographing the small band of white supremacists charged with taking part in paramilitary training. The group in Holopaw believed it was preparing for an inevitable race war, records show.

Fourteen defendants were arrested last spring. One has pleaded guilty and a series of trials are expected over the coming months for the remaining 13.

In a sworn deposition for the criminal cases, Hall said he became an informant at first to work off criminal charges. He worked for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI’s task force on a range of assignments.

“By the time I made it to the FBI I had given up my criminal past,” said Hall. “And I took it as an opportunity to provide for my family and that’s what I did…And I believe in God and think that’s what he wanted me to do. I have probably saved lives.”

Hall sought police protection last spring in Melbourne after believing his cover had been blown and his life was endangered, records show. Hall’s payments included $15,000 to relocate him and his family after court records disclosed his role in several investigations, records released Thursday show.”

Article here

The government needs to interview informants more carefully, and it would be prudent for them not to recruit criminals – because they offer false information and defraud the government itself – as happened in the original American Front case….with 13 people revealed not to be terrorists, but just idiots. If this one has ripped them off too it will be especially bad – particularly so if a counter-witness appears that can testify Bill was in Mexico. Since according to the FBI he was chatting it up big time over the internet whilst on the run (!), all it takes is for one of the people he was talking to prove he was in Mexico.


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