100 Months Maximum for Florida Case, Not 100 Years!

I have found the actual sentencing  instructions and all we are looking at in Florida is Count: 1-5 Citation: 18:875B.F Offence Level: 4 and Count: 6 Citation: 18:1028A.F Offence Level: 4. After running these through the USA Sentencing Guidelines calculator, this definately does not add up to the ‘100 years’ the media is reporting it as!

I know that  in recent times there has been a crack-down on people telling porkers over the internet, but 100 years for talking crap on the interwebz is a bit harsh for anyone. Fortunately this seems to be very much incorrect and/or exaggerated.

The maximum is 100 months – big difference. I think the original reporter must have made a typo. The most likely outcome according to the calculator is 52-63 months.

No where near as bad as the media is reporting. Worst scenario (which it won’t be) is 8-9 years. The average person usually only gets a couple of years.

So – don’t write Bill off yet, because he won’t getting life imprisonment for alleged internet misdemeanours.