Harold Covington Talks About Why He Publishes Bill White

Excerpt below:

HAC At Astoria Bridge

Harold Covington At Astoria Bridge

“I am publishing Bill White’s letters and writings for one primary reason: the dictatorship does not want you to hear what he has to say, and therefore it behooves us all to hear it. Anything which Barack Hussein Obama and his servants don’t want us to do, say, hear, or think is something that by definition any man of integrity should be doing, saying, hearing, and thinking.

For reasons which I still find somewhat puzzling, someone in the régime, in the absurdly misnamed Justice Department or elsewhere, has developed an obsession bordering on insanity with White, even though they have to know that he is completely harmless. Even federal employees can’t possibly be stupid enough or hysterical enough to believe their own propaganda, at least in this instance. White’s actual written work these days has lapsed into mysticism and obscure historical analysis which is of no interest except to a small group of scholars; the average Skinhead could not possibly understand it. Hell, the average Skinhead probably couldn’t even read it.”

– Harold Covington

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2 thoughts on “Harold Covington Talks About Why He Publishes Bill White

  1. No, he publishes Bill White in order to ensure White gets the most prison time possible and Covington turns over all correspondence to the feds. Judge sees it as gang activity and Covington knows this, and White is too stupid to figure it out.

  2. It may surprise you to know this, but as Bill is in prison the ‘Feds’ have access to all his incoming and outgoing correspondence anyway and therefore they would have no need to obtain them from Harold Covington.

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