SPLC Runs Out of “Scary People” to Write On, Targets New Groups

Article on Southern Poverty Law Centre and how they  target individuals  due to a lack of actual ‘scary people’ . Quote:

“The SPLC piece is intended to, yet again, tighten the sphincters of donors while loosening their grips on their checkbooks. That the SPLC jumped the shark so long ago that the poor fish has since died of old age is no secret. Reason writers have long pointed out that the group is increasingly preposterous and irresponsible in its search for monsters under the bed. These days, the group specializes in guilt by association. Often, really, really distant association resulting in highly unlikely and even laughable “threats.””

Full article here

For a truly laughable SPLC threat, the SPLC run an article on an Amish Beard Cutting Cult (coincidently on the same day they ran one on Bill White).

The saga of the dreaded Amish Beard Cutters is here: http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2013/02/08/amish-leader-gets-15-years-for-beard-cutting-hate-crime-case/

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