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It is not the policy of this blog to republish ‘any and every’ bit of crap about Bill White on the internet. Some people out there seem oblivious to the fact that what they share on other forums and blogs does not benefit him, but actually damages him.

The only way you can help Bill is to ensure he has a positive web presence – reposting gossip from NimBusters and other facetious content is actively damaging and not beneficial to Bill in the slightest. People who do this are actively making the situation worse by acting as ‘gossip mongers’ and a sick twisted version of ‘Nazi Paparazzi’ gutter press.

Whether these people do it deliberately or not, the intent is irrelevant because the effect is the same. Some of these come from Bill’s alleged ‘friends’ who are either informants or totally clueless about how to construct a media identity and think its funny to dick over Bill to get some blog traffic.

UPDATED: In the process some posts  not only  make Bill look ridiculously stupid, but the authors also. To add to the issue, someone is now indulging in advanced and escalating stupidity on an incredible scale.

Though I did not mention any by name here, someone seems to have assumed this was about them and done something….well..ridiculously stupid. In the circumstances it was not unexpected.

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14 thoughts on “UPDATED (AGAIN): A Quick Note

  1. “The abuse of the printing press is due to the scientific method and the expressionist aesthetic. To the former because it allows any mediocre person to write a correct and useless monograph, and to the latter because it legitimizes the effusions of any fool.”

    What was true of the printing press is more so on the internet. Egalitarian Liberal Democracy makes everyone think they are special because they can use Windows and type rubbish in cyberspace – narcissism and cognitive dissonance reign supreme on the internet.

  2. Writing crap about people and blogs and forums is exactly what they do. This one you have here Jonathan has the same modus operandi as the well-known informant who runs the Odina blog. They infiltrate your movement, run a website to attract people with like interests to spy on them, befriend people at their weakest (in this case inmates) have no visible source of income, and make wild statements in public. Attacking the honest people they can’t frame is what they do. There are hundreds of them in cyber-space, and this one operates exactly the same as every other one I have met. Right on target.

  3. If they write content about people online which gets them in trouble with the law they ARE an informant regardless of whether they are paid or not. Ignorance of the effect of ones actions does not negate what they cause. This is not the first one. The American Far Right is invested with them.

  4. This one also made up deliberate international lies about me and another person (also documented) and posted them on public forums. This individual therefore tried to drop me in it also. So I have no doubt in my mind as to what they are. They tried to inform on myself and another person. God only knows what they have done to Bill White and the other people they are in contact with.

  5. I think Bill has actually met this one. This one also stole from Arlette Baldacchino (Imperium Europa) and harassed her – also posted personal details on one of Bill’s friends online – to an Anti-Fascist Action List.

  6. One of our group received emails from this person (The other informant , not Ronin) you refer to that were of an ‘interrogatory’ nature and the person said they even went so far as to start demanding ‘confessions’ in emails. Ronin is another one to avoid. They are both black-listed by all my organisations.

  7. The old fat granny troll/informant, in eruption of internet machismo (I do know that you are just an old obese woman so it’s really quite wasted) asks for clarification – after all no details must be missing from your FBI funded blog eh? I’m sorry that you didn’t get access to anyones details via my site, nor shall no matter how you whinge and whine.You seem to think that we will succomb to the mumbo-jumbo typed from your lard-like fingers (festering with age and flab) instead of telling our network not to associate with you. Good luck ruining Craig Cobb’s life with your posts, I wonder how long you can keep this guy in prison for. Thanks for the link to your other backup informant blog – in which all the posts are exactly the same as your current one (face palms).

    I have literally not met anyone as stupid, arrogant and disgusting as you online in over five years.

  8. And Granny Troll – the issue is that you spread lies about me on the internet, so I have first hand experience that you are an informant piece of shit. Go hide under Craig Cobb’s bridge and ruin him with your FBI blog!

  9. *Bump* Back in everyone’s newsfeed again and the latest gibberish from Granny FBI Troll has been screen captured as evidence.

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