Bill White Correct About Craig Cobb

Craig Cobb arrested, Bill White Correct

Craig Cobb Arrested

Guess what? Bill White was right and all the people who said otherwise on VNN Forum were wrong.

A while ago there was a kerfuffle and much bollocks was expressed on VNN Forum concerning a letter Bill White wrote warning people that Craig Cobb was dodgy and going to be arrested soon.  Sure, he wasn’t arrested for what Bill said but this may yet be forthcoming.

Here’s the story on Craig Cobb’s arrest. Personally I suspected he was a doomed nut job. One day people will learn that trying to set up segregated communities and weirdo ethnic cults is something that will get them arrested. If they set up micro-communities with guns, it will be twice as bad. The moral of the story is to grow up and get into real politics instead of setting up cults and gangs.

My advice is for people to join serious political organisations, do positive work with your local community and NOT to support false-flag trojans that are nothing but a way one ticket to prison. Grow up, get a spine and don’t be stupid enough to think that dumb ideas like Cobb’s will be successful. Do things that actually improve society instead of acting like its enemy.



7 thoughts on “Bill White Correct About Craig Cobb

  1. 95% of my contacts thought he was an outright imbecile – someone I know just said “he’d be a wonderful asset to the FBI” – very much so if Bill’s letter is correct! I’m sure Craig Cobb – who was such a great ‘leader’ that he had less than 300 Facebook friends will be a goldmine of delights. Didn’t look like he had enough supporters on FB to fill his 19 run-down shacks. He should have been an obvious loser to anyone who wasn’t retarded.

  2. VNN? No one uses that anymore. It does not suprise me that they are Craig Cobb supporters. The reason Fascism never gets anywhere is not because of the government but because of all the weak god-damned munters in it such as Cobb and the legion of other useless fucks pretending to be Nazi’s in the USA. Lets stop pussy footing around the issue and tell it like it is. Most alleged ‘Neo-Nazi’s’ are really just ‘White Nationalists’ with no actual political ideas at all. Cobb is not a Nazi or a Fascist, just a creepy racist old man setting up a gun cult. Fascism denounces him.

  3. Thread full of flakes and informants (including the one who made up the hacking rumour to dick over Bill’s blog prior to the trial (and post other comments to incriminate him) and the other one who posted the stuff from the fake Facebook page) on VNN Forum and Bill White’s letter about trailer-trash Führer Corny Cobb here. VNN Forum appears to be fully supporting Crazy Craig, whilst practising full character assassination on Bill White and Harold Covington (neither of whom are allowed to defend themselves there). Note Bill accuses Craig Cobb of being implicated in a murder. Note also that all the usual informants and psychopaths are supporting Cobb. I have posted the original letter in the post above this one:

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