Donations Needed

Bill White - Donations for Roanoke TrialIt seems there are still some post-trial investigations being made and Bill White needs to raise $1,000 to pay for more services required to shorten the prison sentence.

Some people are also sending donations to the wrong address apparently. The correct address and details to post donations to Bill White is listed on the home-page under the ‘Donations’ header.

If you are not following the instructions there, Bill is not receiving your donations.



Donations can be sent to the following address:

Bill White Donations

P.O. Box 2770,


VA 22555

Alternatively, cash, certified checks or money orders may be mailed to the Roanoke City Jail; also, secure drop boxes are located in the visitation lobby at 324 Campbell Avenue and also in the Roanoke City Jail Administrative Office lobby at 317 Church Avenue.

If you send a money order include this info above the address of the Jail –

Roanoke City Jail
Inmate Trust Fund
William A. White


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