Reply to the Roanoke Times Article

Reply to the article by Jeff Sturgeon 19/10/2013

The Roanoke Times decided to bestow another hyper-inflated article on Bill White this morning, with the obvious intention of creating some unnecessary melodrama for any potential jurors – in effect setting up the scene to make them panic and create bias against Bill before the trial begins.

It would seem that this has been released to deliberately over-sensationalize what is otherwise an extremely bourgeois case revolving around a  divorce scenario and some obviously fabricated testimonies. To spice it up a little this article has been leaked to the media with the intent of poisoning the minds of any potential jurors against Bill long before the case actually starts.

Bill White is not involved in any criminal organisations, nor is there any sort of ‘gang’ or ‘mafia’ involvement going on. This entire case is not anything to do with political activities – rather it is at best a court case over an extremely minor domestic incident revolving around an email of all trivial things.

Other than someone apparently receiving an email from an unknown third party nothing has happened to anyone. Nor is anything going to happen to anyone – the only person who is in danger is actually Bill White who is being charged with sixteen years on the bogus accusation of sending this specific email.

Does anyone really need protection from this? A spam filter would suffice.

Because this is in fact just a mediocre event it is pure mindless banality to suggest that their will be any form of activity involving jurors, since to any intelligent person this whole scenario is just a ‘divorce proceeding’ gone horribly wrong. Any man or woman who has gone through a separation or divorce proceeding will know exactly what I mean by this.

Disregard it citizens of Ronaoke, yawn and get on with your lives. Nothing exciting is going to happen here. Keep calm at be at ease.

3 thoughts on “Reply to the Roanoke Times Article

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  2. “Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust.” – Charles Baudelaire

    Mass media is designed to rake up filth. Now more so than in Baudelaire’s era. Roanoke, it seems has very to talk about other than Bill White’s domestic.

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