Free PDF Downloads from the German Fascist Archive


(1920) Prussianism and Socialism – Oswald Spengler
(1931) Man and technics[pdf]
(1936) Hour of Decision – Oswald Spengler


(1925) Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler[pdf]
(1938) Hitler’s Secret Book – Adolf Hitler[pdf]
(1938) Germany Speaks[pdf]
(1938) The Hitler Youth Manual – Nazi Primer[pdf]
(1939) German Economic Policy – Wilhelm Bauer[pdf]
(1941) Diary of an S.A. Leader – Hans Snyckers
(1937) – Fate — I believe! – Robert Ley

(1927) We Demand – Joseph Goebbels
(1928) Around the Gedächtniskirche – Joseph Goebbels
(1932) Advice for a Dictator And for Those Who Want to Become One – Joseph Goebbels
(1934) More Morality, Less Moralism! – Joseph Goebbels
(1935) Hail Moscow! – Joseph Goebbels
(1939) The Morals of the Rich – Joseph Goebbels
Motherhood and Warriorhood – Gregor Strasser

Black Front

(1940) Germany Tomorrow – Otto Strasser[Mediafire Download][1][2]


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