Bill White Finds Proof Ex-Wife Deliberately Ruined Business

[GD: Statement from Bill concerning finance problems caused by his ex-wife]

“I have only done October, November, December in detail – but what happened is clear. Immediately after my arrest my wife began looting my accounts, and in December 2008, despite having sufficient money to pay mortgages, she simply let the money sit in the bank and didn’t pay them. In other words she deliberately tanked my business.

From October to December 2008 my wife had gross receipts of $46, 527.11. In 2009 her receipts were $114, 337.74. Total gross receipts, From January 2010 to March 2010, gross receipts were $32, 727.92. Total gross receipts from October 2008 to March 2010 were $193, 642.77.

My wife was receiving just over $3,000/month in disability from her job. After taxes she had $2,200 to pay, rent, taxes and the like. She had two paid for cars.

In October 2008 I paid myself $3132.16 – a normal amount – before my arrest. This meant my wife had $5332. 16 to pay her minimal bills that month.

The moment I was arrested my wife paid herself an additional $5127.17. In November she paid herself at least $4089.40. In December she paid herself $3215.00. So, from October to December 2008, gross receipts were $46, 527.11 and (name removed) felt her services to the company were worth $15, 599.73. Had I paid myself in my accustomed manner, I would have paid myself $8635.16 of that income in that period.

Further, adjusting for taxes, that’s the equivalent of an income of about $23, 400 over three months, or $7800/month. And in the $3000/month pre-tax from her job, she was paying herself the equivalent of an $114,600/per year salary.

While receiving this salary, she simply stopped the mortgages – and, apparently, the utilities – in December 2008 for no apparent reason. On December 1, 2008 she had $6082. 19 left in the bank. She received $14, 217.00 in income that month. $6356.79 in mortgages not stayed by the court were due. She made no payments – and ended the month with $10, 093.75 in the bank. She paid $0 in mortgages, paid herself at least $3251.00 and had $10, 093.75 in the bank.

Then, on January 1, 2010 – she just paid the mortgages like nothing had happened. In other words (name removed) deliberately skipped a payment on the mortgages, apparently just to create a crisis.

This is what I’ve been saying – and no one has been believing – for years.”


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