Racial Memory, White Collective Unconscious, Jung

Jung and the Concept of Racial Memory

The Spoils of War

May add to this/explore this further in other posts-

Excerpts from research on Jung, the collective unconscious – that phrase used to be commonly accepted as just another word for racial memory. It is written in various sources that in later years, Jung tended to backpedal on some of his original theories, and  no doubt there was much guilt-pressure on him to ‘recant’ or ‘restructure’ using the old ‘This is what I really meant’ device. I say device  because who would make such distinctions between what he called ‘jewish psychology’ and ‘Aryan psychology’ and go on to academically explain the differences between such- who obviously has knowledge of  ancient solar religions as well as many other characteristics of our collective peoples, who have become all but unconscious from the semitization of our own UnCulture.

 Some will say  racial memory is just a bunch of Jungian collective unconscious hippie crap.  If…

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