Karl Maria Wiligut: Occultism and the Nazis

(GD: In all of the feacitious nonsense about ‘Occult Nazi’s’ – the only real connections are via Karl Willigut & Julius Evola – both of whom really were heavily involved in the occult – other spurious nonsense involving the ‘Spear of Destiny’ is just churlish gibbering from New age authors. Here follows a good article on Willigut from an internet user known only as ‘Adam’.)

Karl Maria Wiligut: Occultism and the Nazis


The SS occultist, draped in mysterious runes, conducting bloodcurdling rituals to pagan deities in the name of the Fuhrer, the cruel Gestapo colonel in charge of securing ancient Germanic artifacts for the Reich, Heinrich Himmler taking up the Spear of Destiny to wield esoteric power against the Allies- images such as these reverberate through modern popular culture, lurid representations of the Nazi regime animated by sinister magic. Occultism during the National Socialist period of Germany has become a center of considerable speculation and fascination, where the wild theories collide with the wilder, and where “secret knowledge”, conspiracies, and sensationalism hold sway. This half-baked myth of Nazi occultism, much like the nonsensical accusations of Nazism and fascist tendencies which are common to media pundits, has arisen out of a lack of knowledge and understanding of the National Socialists, making of them a historical blank space into which ahistorical frustrations, fears, and obsessions can be inserted.

However, the idea of a National Socialist occult is not total fabrication. There is a meager core of truth upon which the edifice of sensationalist fantasy has been erected. National Socialism arose out of the same intellectual climate, the same Zeitgeist, in which mystics and occultists such as Guido von List and the Ariosophists were active. Many of the same currents of thought which become cornerstones of Nazi ideology are echoed in the worldviews of these occultists, and so it is no surprise that some occultists would be attracted to the National Socialist regime.

One such occultist was Karl Maria Wiligut, perhaps the best known occultist to have an official rank in the SS, and thus the best candidate for an occultist with some amount of influence within the National Socialist regime.

(Rest of article here: http://redarmada.tumblr.com/post/2138686654/karl-maria-wiligut-occultism-and-the-nazis)


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