Letter From Bill White

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Hello Alex:

I wrote you just the other day, and already things are developing quickly.

First, my trial blog is now


Second, as I suspected this case in Roanoke has turned out to be a complete sham. I was in court yesterday. I am not aware of the Court having ruled, as the case went into chambers for an hour to keep it out of the media. The Assistant US Attorney prosecuting me evoked emotions ranging from laughter to a slack-jawed, open-mouth stare from the press, his presentation was so absurd. People couldn’t believe the arguments he was making.

The prosecutor began by admitting that the government had no direct evidence against me and that their case was “wholly circumstantial.” This is not only not the kind of case the federal government usually does — it’s shockingly bad, given that the argument the US Attorney was making was that the direct evidence acquitting me should be excluded from the trial. It also contradicts what the government told the Court in the Southern District of Florida. Now, I knew the government was lying in Florida — but, now it’s on the record.

Then, the prosecutor began what I can only call an absurd speech on the subject of why discovery materials are not tendered for the purpose of being used as evidence. This is what made the reporter from the Roanoke Times put down his notebook and drop his jaw. I was accused of having pointed out that the government’s witnesses had given inconsistent statements, that the US Attorney in Florida had misrepresented evidence to the Court, of stating that the government had engaged in prosecutorial misconduct in obtaining a search warrant, and of having subpoenaed evidence from the US Attorney’s Office. I was not accused of lying. I was not accused of improper filings. In the prosecutor’s words, “We didn’t provide him with evidence so he could accuse us of misconduct.”

And, he did this with a straight face, to the shock, amusement and confusion of all.

The one thing that became clear is that the feds were completely unprepared, have conducted no investigation, and were most concerned that I was “embarrassing them on the internet” — particularly as our US Attorney Tim “Yellow Fever” Heaphy is upping his media profile in preparation for a run for office.

So, the feds are now threatening me with an 8th indictment. For what, exactly, is unclear. All I know is that it involves (G.D = name removed), who has been previously convicted of lying while cooperating with investigators, and when the USA Attorney’s Office has told us may not appear to testify sober, and an email account I have nothing to do with called (G.D = address removed ) . All I can say right now is that at least, in the Roanoke case, the person imitating me used my name. Here, the person didn’t even imitate me. LOL. No matter – the evil of the American government can’t be stopped by laws and juries. The US has no regard for its own legal process, and has replaced “law” with will backed by violent force. The only way to restore justice will be to remove the apparati of these lawless entities and to impose a new law — and I can’t do that alone from prison.

That said, I also wanted to address an article I read this week in a major white newspaper. It upset me. I won’t embarrass the author or the paper — it’s an otherwise good writer in an excellent paper. However, the article was on confidentiality and resistance. Some of the techniques were solid. Most either don’t don’t work or will land you in prison. This made me angry. I’m a criminal, Alex. I sit in prison and have seen hundreds of cases. I am tired of white people going to prison for stupid things. Please — white people — learn from my example. Stop acting like children. We can’t irritate the system into non-existence.

This author first irritated me by telling white people not to use encryption because he didn’t believe it worked. Why? Because he believed the power of the US government was infinite. This is how children see their parents. Go to pacer.gov and look up a case 12-MJ-OSULLIVAN-2833 in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Miami Division. The United States cannot crack True Crypt or Tor – period.

The latest Snowden revelations tend to feed the propaganda machine’s lie that the USA and NSA are unbeatable. The United States is 30 years behind the world in decrypt technology. What it does is bully US companies into installing “back doors,” so it doesn’t have to actually decrypt anything. And, it has cracked simple encryption like https. What the US does is sweep in unencrypted data from all the suckers out there — which is why the NSA spying program is completely ineffective against actual terrorism. Open source encryption products by definition do not have back doors. Every US-trained “color revolution” dissident uses these technologies — but our color revolution, the White Revolution, is still acting like a bunch of dolts.

No person of importance has sent unencrypted messages since perhaps the 16th century. When I started reading about personal code makers in Europe after the Renaissance, I started to realize how dumb sending open messages was.

Now, here’s the rub. I start wondering, “why would anyone encourage activists not to use encryption?” Because, let’s say the NSA could read a captured computer. Let’s say the FBI — who we deal with — develops that capability. But, federal investigations begin with informants — criminals, usually conmen and thieves, recruited to con or steal whatever is needed to justify an investigation. They can’t read encrypted files. So, had encryption been used, how many mailing list thefts or financials thefts would have been avoided? The Aryan Nations mailing list? The NSM mailing list? Resistance Records’ cooked books?

The argument this author makes — not to encrypt files because it draws attention — is ridiculous. And, I wonder — because one thing the feds never do is encourage white activists to do anything useful or effective. I am paranoid. But, when the feds are not intending to, say, set off an Oklahoma City bomb, they don’t provide live detonators. When they arrested Don Black’s crew, they made sure the guns were in another vehicle. When infiltrating white organizations, they drive off the best activists then screw up their jobs.

The author then goes on to encourage white activists to do things over unsecured networks designed to draw attention — if not arrests. He suggests that computers analyzing data can be overloaded if provided with strange messages using hot cowords — like “terrorist” or “bomb.” This doesn’t work. The NSA computers are designed to store and process massive streams of data. Processing unencrypted data is easy – the ability is in the quadrillions of operations per second. All this does is the exact opposite of what white people should be doing — not painting targets on their forwards. Criminals don’t walk down the street with a shirt saying “arrest me, I’m criminal.” Last, the guy encourages white activists to do what just got me 42 months — posting the names and home addresses of federal officials — under your own name, without encryption.

(G.D: Never post anyone’s name or email address online. It can create all sorts of legal issues even if they are just everyday citizens.)

Look, white people are not angry children trying to get the attention of papa government. We are fighting to eliminate the current government and the portion of the population which supports it. The “public” way to do that is through electoral activities — serious activities, not just holding bogus “protests” so everyone can get photographed or announcing for president and appearing on ballots. The feds don’t hand out guns, don’t encourage encryption, and don’t push white organizations into legal, electoral activity.

All other plans are junk.

So, that is my counterpoint. Use encryption, don’t draw attention, and don’t try to get caught.

Hope all is well, Alex.




2 thoughts on “Letter From Bill White

  1. Just dropping a note to let Bill know that our Donation Drive has collected over three thousand dollars and that we’ll be sending it to him shortly, for whatever he wishes to use it for. At the very least, it should keep him in candy bars and other snacks for the foreseeable future. Tell him to expect it no later than 7 to 10 days from now.

    We’re also sending him copies of Ward Kendall’s “Hold Back This Day” and “The Towers of Eden”, two exciting WN novels that should help him pass the time. They’re complimentary copies from Mr. Kendall himself, btw, and he hopes Bill will enjoy them both. And even if Bill never gets out of prison, Mr. Kendall wants him to know that he can still have a healthy, happy, and productive life, as we all do.

    Take care!

  2. Thank you Ward. That’s very generous of you – if you send me an email privately (you can email me through the contact page of this blog), I’ll arrange for someone to do some promotional work for your books through our network in return. Some goes for other writers who are helping via donations.

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