More on Stella Natura

More on Stella Natura

Nothing new to post on Bill White has surfaced today, so I will give the situation on Stella Natura some more coverage. This music festival which is largely populated by ambient/esoteric and neo-folk musicians is still being promoted to the media as a ‘fascist’ rally due to the presence of couple of individuals.

Specifically they have an axe to grind with Stephen McNallen of the Asatru Folk Federation, because of his stance that Asatru is a European Tradition and is connected to ethnic heritage. At no time has McNallen advocated any political agendas, he is being targeted by liberal media hate speech simply for his belief that European Paganism is attached to European culture and ethnicity.  Hardly surprising that the religion of Europe is linked to European people is it?

The other key figure to be slandered in regards to Stella Natura is Robert Taylor of Changes for past political involvement…some twenty odd years ago. For the last two decades he has been involved in the arts and that is all.

The rest of the musicians – their crime in the eyes of the liberal media is to promote European culture and heritage. Apparently this is now forbidden by mainstream America – does this mean America is going to denounce two thousand years of it’s history as ‘fascist’? America was founded by Europe, and by blood and soil to Europa does it belong. History cannot be altered by ‘name-calling’ and inquisition style political ‘witch hunts’.

If they were smart, these over-bearing liberal extremists would realise they do more to destroy their own  system by oppressing the arts and history than they can possible imagine.

The attacks on Stella Natura are manifestations of mainstream ‘hate speech’ at its finest.

You can read more of the actual rubbish being posted on this event by some ‘concerned antifascist lovers of black metal and nature’ here:

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