“My Friend Received an Angry Letter from Bill White”

This is a follow up to the “100 Years of the T-Shirt” post written on  Frank Diez – description of a ‘cultural philistine’ to a ‘T’.  Some humorous responses to this letter on Reddit:

My personal favourites: “I sadly know the person of who this letter is addressed to. Besides the racial insults, it describes him really well, along with him being morally inept.”

And: “I’m sure he described your friend to a T”

“I kinda agree with Mr. White and not racist. Haters gonna hate!!!’;0)”

“Am I the only one impressed with his grammar and writing skills.”

“Are you trying to set up a grammar Nazi joke or something?”

“Okay, I’ll give you the upvote. But seriously, that was impressive writing skills.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe he practices with Hitler/Goebbels slash fiction. I mean if the other Nazis can’t read it what is the point?”

“He made it seem like the writer was a pool of fat and neckbeard.”

“You have to admit it’s impressive the guy was able to assess the topography of a skull from one picture.”

“All of bills points are true. This world is going to hell in a hand basket.”

“I can’t help but notice his handwriting is pretty neat.”

“It’s more about people always being afraid of not being politically correct, I wouldn’t really say ‘ “pussification” of the male species,’ because it’s most everyone and it’s more about being overly polite than “pussification.”

No, that’s not what I mean at all. Men are going soft. Grown men don’t own a toolbox, can’t change their own tire, watch cartoons and are completely fine with advertising this.

“That’s the pussification. Not politeness. I enjoy a polite society.”

“He’s more articulate than most people. Clearly brainwashing as an educational tool has some merit.”

Link to the orignal letter from Bill White: http://imgur.com/VTTgQUm



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