Bizarre Rumours Begin….

Bill White Trial According to Bill, the case is proceeding well and for reasons which he has not disclosed, he’s confident that he is going to win. As always however, there are a couple of bizarre twists….

Until recently Bill was being offered some very generous plea offers– apparently these were recently withdrawn at the government’s request and the prosecuting attorney was instructed to take the case to trial even if he loses. Obviously one can only speculate on why these offers would suddenly be withdrawn, overturning the decision of the attorney. As far as I understand the situation they actually ignored their attorneys advice and ordered him to take it trial.

Rumours of a further indictment in Florida have begun to emerge, and that this may somehow (through an elaborate process of ‘Chinese Whispers’ it seems) be linked to the already extremely over-hyped  Trayvon Martin case. Don’t case me how, because I haven’t been following anything to do with Trayvon Martin nor do I have any idea how Bill’s actions from Mexico could possibly relate to this. Sounds like someone may be attempting to tie a few loose threads together and is just using a random opportunity to get Bill further into trouble. It is just a rumour at this point however and nothing concrete has emerged to back it up. Let’s hope it remains in the realm of bizarre imaginings and does not manifest in the real world.

In other the breaking news, the FBI gave up trying to read content on the laptop handed over by the Mexicans (which they allege is Bill’s – I have no idea if it is or not). The encryption is apparently too difficult to decode and they have given up on trying to read the hard drive. If it is Bill’s computer chances are it’s mostly full on mythology notes anyway, so I doubt they’d get too much excitement out of it. Most likely they are looking for (shock, horror) – more emails.


One thought on “Bizarre Rumours Begin….

  1. This seems like good news. Bill is great with comptuers so they shouldn’t be able to crack the code. I will post this immediately to the blog on Christian Naitonalist, Pastor Lindstedt’s forum at


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