A Negro Writes Bill White In Support

(nb: I don’t know who Bill is corresponding with here).unexpected


I want you to know that despite our cultural differences, there is light in everyone. Me being Christian I truly believe in being non-judgemental. I know where I come from and where I’m at in a conformed society. Yet somehow I feel we are all guilty one way or another due to our demons. You for one are a very cognitive and articulate individual with a keen perception of the world and its social disorders. I’m not saying I totally agree with your beliefs. But I do understand them very well.

I’ve studied Spinoza, Sartre, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Kant and other philosophers. So I am prone to these very issues. You see most people succomb to fear of what is unknown. Yet still to readily accept what is imminent. Although what is relevant is that the struggle for power in today’s world is stronger than ever. So we turn to idealist so called measures of peace. which is nothing more than organized chaos. How can there be peace unless it is in the wake of death. You can’t learn from nothing. But you can learn from anybody or thing. So in regard I thank you for your input in the issues you’ve discussed in relevance to misinformed unstable society. When you are finally released may God be with you in your quest.

– E.


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